Xiao Zhan Protects His Sasaeng Fans

Xiao Zhan Protects His Sasaeng Fans

Xiao Zhan’s (肖战) popularity blew up after “The Untamed” aired. His fan base grew exponentially, as witnessed by the growth in his Weibo followers, his instantly sold out magazine covers, and the number of sasaeng fans who follow him everywhere or squat at hotels or his place of work, waiting for him.

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Xiao Zhan was promoting his new movie, “Jade Dynasty” (诛仙) today. During an interview, he was asked what the biggest change in his lifestyle has been after getting famous. Xiao Zhan responds:

Watch his interview here: http://t.cn/AiESzJZX

“After getting off work and returning to the hotel every day, the hotel staff are helping me open the door. This is a situation that has troubled me quite a bit, because there will be a bunch of people who love me who will be waiting there for me. First of all, I am quite touched because I get off really late sometimes and they’re still there. However, I think everyone should be more rational. School has started, students should go to school. Those supposed to be working should work hard. Of course, I believe there will be even more secure, more official events where it will be better for us to meet in the future.”

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The interviewer then mentions the time Xiao Zhan ran away from the fans waiting at the hotel. She goes, “Seeing you dash and run last time is very heart breaking.” Xiao Zhan responds, “Actually, it’s not heart breaking for me. It’s heart breaking for them because no one can move. I’ve actually wanted to talk about this for awhile now. No one can move, because in the back there are still other hotel guests. They won’t walk forward and then there will be people in the back crowding me to the front. If I get crowded by the people in the back [and fall], I’m afraid the people in the front will fall. Because they are retreating backwards, so once I saw there was a small walkway on the side, I hurriedly escaped first. I was afraid there would be some unsafe actions that would occur.”

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This is the incident Xiao Zhan was referring to:

Xiao Zhan Trapped in Revolving Doors by Fans

Xiao Zhan is also telling his “fans” not to engage in this behavior either.

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