Xiao Zhan Trapped in Revolving Doors by Fans

Xiao Zhan Trapped in Revolving Door by Fans

Xiao Zhan’s (肖战) rabid fans are at it again. After gaining immense popularity as “Wei Wuxian” (魏无羡) in “The Untamed” (陈情令), fans have been chasing Xiao Zhan everywhere he goes. First, it was the sasaeng fans changing his flight tickets. Then, it was a bunch of fans chasing him out of the airport. Now, it’s a bunch of fans squatting at his hotel and then trapping him in the revolving doors.

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Xiao Zhan recently started filming for his new series, “The Oath of Love” (余生请多指教), in Wuxi. Fans have been squatting outside his hotel waiting for his return. A few days ago, Xiao Zhan return to his hotel at night after completing filming for the day. Once a group of fans noticed him, they quickly followed him into the hotel to snap pictures of him. Because the fans were following too closely, Xiao Zhan, his staff members, and a bunch of fans were trapped in the revolving doors for a bit. Xiao Zhan’s female assistant had to tell the fans to back off in order for the doors to start moving again.

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Xiao Zhan Trapped in Revolving Door by Fans

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Once Xiao Zhan got out, fans started surrounding him and taking pictures up close. However, once he got in to the elevator, he stood at a corner with his back facing the fans. A staff member was seen checking up on him, but Xiao Zhan appeared unresponsive. It’s safe to say Xiao Zhan was upset, but also feeling helpless at the fans’ behaviors.

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Xiao Zhan Trapped in Revolving Door by Fans

Watch the video here: http://t.cn/AiQC3gEO

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  1. This is so infuriating! It looks like they’re treating him like zoo animal on display! He looks so dejected…

  2. Dang… Why can’t people respect other people’s space. Sure take picture from afar but not so that person is stuck. These fans are not fans but stalkers..

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