Yang Chaoyue in Tears After Director Yells at Her While Filming “Side by Side”

Yang Chaoyue in Tears After Director Yells at Her While Filming Side by Side

Rocket Girls 101’s (火箭少女101) Yang Chaoyue (杨超越) is plastered everywhere whether its variety shows, endorsements, or dramas. Her latest series, “Side by Side” (羽你同行), which also stars Connor Leong (梁靖康), is currently airing. The production team uploaded a BTS video recently. In the video, there is a scene showing the director yelling at Yang Chaoyue for her acting in front of everyone.

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The director is seen yelling, “You need to ask me for this type of scene? Such a simple scene and you can’t even act it out. What are you doing?” Yang Chaoyue leaves the scene in tears. Staff members are helping her wipe away the tears. However, Yang Chaoyue doesn’t let it get to her. She is immediately seen going over the script.

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Yang Chaoyue seems to understand the sacrifices and hardships of being an actor. In the video, she explains, “I took something that someone else has been longing for, so I must bear those things. As an idol turned actor, there are some words and concerns that you face and are quite stressful. Maybe I really want to prove myself to others.”

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Watch the video here: http://t.cn/AiQa6UgO

After the series aired, many netizens praised her acting saying, “Her performance is quite good.”, “The director’s high standards is also for her own good.”, “The director’s strict standards has made Chaoyue “Meimei’s” acting even more realistic and natural.”

Credit: ETtoday.net, Weibo

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