Xiao Zhan Talks about His “Nude” Scene in “Jade Dynasty”

Xiao Zhan Talks about His "Nude" Scene in "Jade Dynasty"

Xiao Zhan (肖战) is currently promoting his new movie, “Jade Dynasty” (诛仙Ⅰ), which also stars, Li Qin (李沁), and Rocket Girls 101 member, Meng Meiqi (孟美岐). The movie is based on a popular fantasy novel of the same name. Xiao Zhan plays “Zhang Xiaofan” (张小凡), an ordinary teenager who gets accepted by the “Da Zhufeng” pillar of the “Qing Yunmen” sect after his parents pass away. Through fate, he starts to train on Buddhist chanting powers and somehow accidentally obtains a magical fire scepter from a cult. Because of this, he gets entangled in between the hidden battle between the good and evil. He meets Li Qin and Meng Meiqi’s characters along the way.

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He accepted an interview with Sina Entertainment recently to talk about his experience filming the movie, his feelings after getting famous, and also his plans for the future. At one point, the interviewer asked him if he had any hesitations after seeing the script contained an upper body nude scene. Xiao Zhan responds, “Yes, yes…there is an upper body nude scene. My hesitation is that I am too skinny. I am worried after everyone sees it, they won’t have a good impression. Actually, I did gain some weight for “Xiaofan” at the time to fit the character more. So during that time, I didn’t restrict my diet. I don’t know what the result is after filming. Please be understanding, if you think I am too skinny.” Xiao Zhan revealed he was around 65 kg at the time, which is about 143 lbs.

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Xiao Zhan Talks about His "Nude" Scene in "Jade Dynasty"

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The interviewer also asked him if he would watch his prior works and reflect on what he gained and lost. Xiao Zhan said he does, but the interviewer asks if he watched all his prior series, he shyly says no. When asked which series he didn’t watch, Xiao Zhan doesn’t know how to answer and says, “Really this cruel? Anyways, I will choose one to watch.” The interviewer then brings up a funny series he had filmed and said his performance was good even though the series was kind of “silly”. Xiao Zhan is speechless and says, “It wasn’t good. It’s part of my dark past, but I think it’s fine. It’s part of my experiences growing up. Everyone can see my improvements.”

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On the changes after getting famous, Xiao Zhan said he’s just getting started and isn’t really that famous. He doesn’t wish to be praised so excessively that he’ll start failing. He also says he wants to film good projects and doesn’t wish to be “a flash in the pan”.

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You’ll have to watch the movie on September 13 to see his “nude” scene. What series do you think the interviewers were referring to?

Watch the “Jade Dynasty” trailer: http://t.cn/Ai8dmDoq

Credit: Sina Ent, Baidu, Weibo (1, 2, 3)

6 thoughts on “Xiao Zhan Talks about His “Nude” Scene in “Jade Dynasty”

  1. I have been following Xiao Zhan and hope he continues to follow his dreams. It is first time I have followed anyone in Chinese entertainment. I think he has helped his country a lot by representing good qualities. Makes me respect the culture, and the people.

  2. Hi I do agree with Jamie….there is a price to pay for fame. So for us out here, can we give him the benefit of the doubt and let him grow into this industry. I am sure he will come out strong and might surprise us…let’s give him space to grow and breathe. I still love Untamed..call me old fashioned or traditionalist. I just love the setting and story. I am impressed with Sean and Yibo…

    Love from Fiji Fan..

    1. Xie-xie Margaret. Your comment spot on👌👍

      I’ve watched The Untamed the 7th time and never tire. As a diehard fan of classical wuxia genre, I’ll be rewatching it in future as when I miss it. Besides the casts espc XZ and WY, the heart-warming unique storyline of the two, it’s also the instrumental theme song entitled ‘WangXian’ throughout the series, the ziter and flute is zen-like hauntingly soothing and enchanting. It has become my daily morning must-listen-to theme music at home that includes the collection of songs album. Best wishes of a Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year 2020!

      1. I too am a fan of the Untamed series.As an American, I love the music of the theme song. Can anyone translate for me? What do the Chinese words mean in the song?

        1. Songs are Wuji,The song ends with Chen qing ,Never see you again ,Hatred seperation ,Beyond Control and Seperation at Qinghe are some of the best ost’s of “The Untamed “.

  3. Aah Xiao Zhan can be considered a newbie in the acting world. He is still young given time he’ll excell in his acting craft. Actuaĺy he has already shown his brilliant potentials in previous series. No doubt abt it he has what it takes to be a great actor – innate talent and diligence. Way to go Xiao Zhan! Take care of health whether u r buffing up or not. Also be conscious when in public eye. There’s a price to pay for being famous. Luv ur acting and yez can be better given more roles. Be watching u!👌 🥰

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