What’s the Deal with Nana Ouyang and Arthur Chen Feiyu…Are They Dating or Not?

What's the Deal with Nana Ouyang and Arthur Chen Feiyu? Are They Dating?

Ever since Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜) entered showbiz, she has been rumored with countless co-stars or colleagues. She is only 19 this year, but she has more rumored dating partners than the number of boyfriends of some actresses. Her most popular rumored boyfriends are TFBoys’ Roy Wang Yuan (王源) and actor, Arthur Chen Feiyu (陈飞宇). However, Nana Ouyang friend zoned Roy Wang Yuan hard because not only did she deny dating him, she also said, “We really are just pure brothers. It can’t be any purer than pure.”

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When it comes to Arthur Chen Feiyu, netizens seem to be rooting hard for the couple to be together. They’re the same age, have similar styles and interests, speak English, and play instruments. The two met while filming the movie, “Secret Fruit” (秘果). They became a fan favorite couple because of their close interactions even after filming. Even though they were rumored to be dating, they never addressed it. So when Nana Ouyang revealed the qualities she looks for in her ideal type, many netizens immediately thought she was talking about Arthur Chen Feiyu.

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Ideal type

Nana Ouyang is a cast member on the variety show, “To All Tourists, Please Be Aware” (literal translation, 各位游客请注意). Everyone started to talk about their ideal types. When it came to Nana Ouyang, she said, “As for appearances, I used like the bright type a lot, but now I like someone that looks comfortable because in this industry, I see too many good looking guys. Good looking guys are not reliable. As long as he looks comfortable to me, I am good. Has to be rather clean. As for personality, I don’t like someone too enthusiastic. I like someone a bit cold, but is only good to you. I already talk so much, I hope that person just listens to me.”

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Nana Ouyang also shocked everyone when she said she wanted to get married by 25 and have a family and be a mother. The others laughed and said you don’t have that many years left.

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Wearing the same jacket?

Once the episode aired, Nana Ouyang’s ideal type qualifications quickly trended on Weibo. Many netizens immediately said, “It’s Arthur Chen!” Shortly after, netizens also discovered Nana Ouyang and Arthur Chen wore the same jacket, which immediately served as “evidence” of them allegedly dating. A netizen said the green jacket Nana Ouyang wore at the airport recently is very similar to the one Arthur Chen wore in April 2018. According to Nana Ouyang’s fans, they said this designer’s clothing will not have the same marks on each item. They claim if you look closely at pictures of them wearing the same jackets, the marks are consistent, spurring on the dating rumors even more.

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So do you think they’re dating or are they really just good BFFs?

Watch Nana Ouyang talk about her ideal type at 1:38:08

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