Nana Ouyang Addresses Dating Rumors with TFBOYS’ Roy Wang Yuan

Nana Ouyang Addresses Dating Rumors with TFBoys' Roy Wang Yuan

Even though Taiwanese actress and musician, Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜), is only 19, she has had her fair share of dating rumors since her debut in 2014. She has been rumored with Turbo Liu Haoran (刘昊然) from her first film, “Beijing Love Story” (北京爱情故事), Arther Chen Feiyu (陈飞宇) after filming the movie, “Secret Fruit” (秘果), and TFBOYS’ Roy Wang Yuan (王源) after filming the series, “The Great Lord” (大主宰). The dating rumors with Roy Wang Yuan started a few months back. The two never addressed it until Nana Ouyang was asked about it during a live stream recently.

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The dating rumors between the two became rampant when netizens noticed the lyrics to Roy Wang Yuan’s self composed song, “The Girl” (姑娘) showed up in one of Nana Ouyang’s vlog before the song was released. Netizens believed Roy Wang Yuan wrote the song for Nana Ouyang. After realizing her mistake, Nana Ouyang re-uploaded the vlog without the lyrics. This led netizens to dig up “evidence” of them wearing couple outfits and having matching couple necklaces. Roy Wang Yuan will also be attending the Berklee College of Music this September, where Nana Ouyang is currently a student, making netizens treat this as further proof of them dating.

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Nana Ouyang was doing a live stream recently when the hosts asked what many viewers wanted to know, “What’s up with you and Wang Yuan?” Nana Ouyang responded, “A very good brother of mine. We’ve been rumored together a lot lately, but we really are just pure brothers. It can’t be any purer than pure. Because we filmed a series for four months and then 2 months for “Ace vs Ace” (王牌对王牌). We are revolutionary brothers.”

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There you have it folks, they are not dating. You can watch her address it here:

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