Kristal Tin Has a Love Triangle with Raymond Cho and Johnson Lee in “Girlie Days”

Kristal Tin Has a Love Triangle with Raymond Cho and Johnson Lee in "Girlie Days"

The cast of TVB’s upcoming series, “Girlie Days” (她她她的少女時代), attended a gym themed event today to promote the series. The series stars Kristal Tin (田蕊妮), Raymond Cho (曹永廉), and Johnson Lee (李思捷). The three of them will have a love triangle relationship. Kristal Tin explains, “[My character] brings my older sister’s daughter to marry Raymond Cho in my teens. From then on, her world only consists of her family. However, when she gets to middle age, she discovers her husband has another lover. They get divorced, becomes unemployed, and her daughter leaves her. Her world is shattered. The story talks about how she comes out from her lowest point to find herself again.”

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The last series Kristal Tin was a part of was 2017’s “My Ages Apart” (誇世代). As she was preparing for her album previously, she halted all her other work. After her album was released, she returned back to filming and was a bit worried she wouldn’t be used to it. This is also Johnson Lee’s first series in three years. Based on the previews, he plays a former lead vocal of a band, but is now a delivery driver. He helps Kristal Tin find herself and realize her dream of becoming a singer. Because of this, there will be quite some singing in the series. Kristal Tin also expressed she has been working out extra hard lately in preparation for her September concert.

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Raymond Cho’s character has a mid life crisis after being married to Kristal Tin at a young age. He falls out of love with Kristal Tin and pursues his dream with his lover. He also expressed it was unfortunate he didn’t have any intimate scenes with Kristal Tin. However, Kristal Tin mentioned he has a lot of relationships with younger females in the series. Raymond Cho admits to this and jokingly says, “Yes, let’s be honest. You don’t make much money at TVB. This is the only perk. This is why I am acting. I am really happy because what I can’t do in reality, I can fulfill in the series or after we yell “cut.” Kristal Tin asks, “You dare to do this after we yell “cut”?” Raymond Cho laughs and says, “No.”

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Iris Lam (林凱恩), known for playing “Bonnie” in “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold” (愛回家之開心速遞), plays Kristal Tin and Raymond Cho’s daughter. She explains, “This is my first time playing a heavier role, so there will be some breakthroughs. I play a 19 year old girl who is unhappy about her parents’ divorce. I try to break away from my mother’s control when I get to college. I also want to try the feeling of being in love.”

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Stitch Yu (余思霆) plays Iris Lam’s classmate and has a crush on Raymond Cho. Iris Lam also reveals Stitch Yu will be doing a lot of cosplaying throughout the series.

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The series airs on August 19.

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