Leo Luo and Arthur Chen to Portray the Dynamics between Master and Disciple in New Series, “Immortality”

Leo Luo and Arthur Chen to Portray the Dynamics of Master and Disciple in New Series, "Hao Yi Xing"

Tencent officially announced Leo Luo Yunxi (罗云熙) and Arthur Chen (陈飞宇) as the main leads for the new xianxia series, “Immortality” (Hao Yi Xing 皓衣行), today. Like the recent trends set off by the 2018 hit series “Guardian”, “Immortality”also features two male leads. The series is already being touted as the next “The Untamed” by some netizens.

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Before the official announcement, netizens were already on board with the casting due to Leo Luo’s rising popularity, especially for his role in “Ashes of Love”. The production team avoided the fan war between Kris Wu and Yang Zi when “The Golden Hairpin” failed to officially announce the first billing for the series. When they announced Leo Luo and Arthur Chen’s names as the leads, they made it a point to say it is not in any particular order.

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TV Series Storyline

The series is based off of the novel, “The Husky and His White Cat Shizun” (二哈和他的白猫师尊), which actually features a romantic relationship between a master, “Chu Wanning” (楚晚宁), played by Leo Luo, and his disciple, “Mo Ran” (墨燃), played by Arthur Chen. Like its predecessors, “Guardian, “The Untamed”, “Flying Phoenix”, the romantic elements will be removed from the series and will most likely focus on the master-disciple relationship with hints of romantic undertones between the two leads.

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The storyline of the series is set during a time where catastrophic and disaster events keep recurring due to the heavens on the brink of cracking apart. “Chu Wanning”, who has the moniker of the “Number One Master in the World”, protects all life forms as his mission in life. He devotes all his efforts to prevent the heavens from cracking apart and protects all life beings from harm. There are recurring themes of righteousness and energetic essence, particularly when “Chu Wanning” uses his big heart to guide his disciple, “Mo Ran”, who went astray, back on the right path. In the end, the master-disciple duo sacrifices their lives to cooperate with other heroes of the cultivation sects. They successfully prevented the conspiracy plans of the villains from unfolding and saved all life forms.

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Original Novel

As for the original storyline from the novel, it talks about the tragic relationship between master and disciple. “Mo Weiyu” is the emperor of the cultivation world. In order to save his master, “Chu Wanning”, the flower of eternal hatred is implanted in him. Because of this, his nature changes greatly and starts to deceive his master and becomes evil. After he commits suicide, he is reborn to the year he becomes a disciple, but he only remembers the hatred he has for his master. When he discovers secrets from his prior life, he realizes the feelings he lost from his prior life. He discovers his master has been secretly protecting him all along. As a result, he starts to change for good and repent for his sins.

Base on initial concept art, the visuals will be amazing. The series is set to start shooting in March 2020.

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