A Joke about Zanilia Zhao Liying Being a Working Mom and William Feng Shaofeng a Stay at Home Dad was Received Horribly

A Joke about Zanilia Zhao Liying Being a Working Mom and William Feng Shaofeng a Stay at Home Dad was Received Horribly

Zanilia Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) is currently filming the series, “Legend of Fei”. She took time out from filming to attend the “China Literature Award Ceremony” (阅文盛典) on January 6 to accept an award for “Super Feng Yun Actress”. Chinese actor, Zheng Kai (郑恺), opened the show with a monologue taking jabs at the celebrities sitting in the audience, akin to the openings done at American award shows like the Oscars.

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Zheng Kai on the red carpet at the “China Literature Award Ceremony”

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It’s quite apparent the segment was scripted and Zheng Kai was only reciting what the show runners had prepared for him. When it came to Zanilia Zhao, he starts off asking, “What’s more difficult, being a mom or an actress?” After a few seconds of awkward silence, Zheng Kai says, “It’s definitely being a mother. Why else would you leave Shao Feng (William Feng, 冯绍峰) at home to take care of the child while you’re out filming? But I think being a mother is extremely brave and exhausting. I suggest everyone right now to give the most enthusiastic applause to those who are taking care of a child at home right now.” At the end, Zanilia Zhao is clapping and flashing an awkward smile.

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Zanilia Zhao in the audience while Zheng Kai tells the joke

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Watch the segment here: https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iqbx8ouW8?fid=1034:4462408568340496

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This segment was cut out from the final broadcast that aired on January 18. However, someone present at the ceremony captured it and uploaded the clip on January 21. Netizens started coming for Zheng Kai in the comments even though it’s obviously scripted. They attacked him and said he is old fashioned for his views on traditional male-female roles in a family. However, there were a minority of netizens who felt people shouldn’t be taking the joke out of context and not to blame Zheng Kai as he was just given a script. If they want to blame someone, it should be the show organizers.

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Watch the entire broadcast version:

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4 thoughts on “A Joke about Zanilia Zhao Liying Being a Working Mom and William Feng Shaofeng a Stay at Home Dad was Received Horribly

  1. Why chinese netizen so overly emotional about silly things?I didn’t see anything wrong with any part of the speech.i mostly dont believe everything celebrities announced&no big deal.i dont own them.they their own person&got the right to live their live.why are fan so obsessive?I just enjoy watching them perform&that’s that.

    1. salute for zhao Liying and William feng shaofeng for their love. Means a big word TRUST… Mr Zheng kai you’re out of tune…

  2. I’ve always had great admiration for men who play mom and nanny for their children. Very rare back in the days, but it is now a visible trend! What’s changed? In the case of William and Zao, I admire William for his humility and understanding….and sacrifice so that his wife will live her dream. Thank you William….for your love. You’re the man!

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