William Feng Shaofeng Once Doubted Why Zanilia Zhao Liying Married Him

William Feng Shaofeng Once Doubted Why Zanilia Zhao Liying Married Him

William Feng Shaofeng (冯绍峰) traveled to the UK with Taiwanese host, Aya Liu (阿雅), to experience the process of making crop circles for variety show, “Qi Yu Ren Sheng 2” (奇遇人生2). Aside from their goal of making a crop circle, he also revealed a lot of personal things about his life, especially his family, with wife and actress, Zanilia Zhao Liying (赵丽颖). William Feng Shaofeng had expressed he is a very private person on the show, so it was a shock he had revealed so many things about his personal life, like his son’s nickname, why he doesn’t wear a wedding ring, and his previous doubts about why Zanilia Zhao Liying married him.

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William Feng Shaofeng Once Doubted Why Zanilia Zhao Liying Married Him

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While they’re in the car, Aya Liu brings up the topic of William Feng Shaofeng not wearing a wedding ring. When she asks him why he’s not wearing one, he responds, “Up until now, I still don’t have a ring.” Aya Liu asks him why and he says, “I don’t know. My wife has never given me a ring.” Aya Liu responds, “So you obey your wife?”

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Later on, Aya Liu and William Feng Shaofeng are talking about the difficulty of combining a picture and his son’s nickname, “Xiang” (想) into a crop cricle. William Feng Shaofeng then says, “My wife said to me will he be like you, always overanalyzing and wavering in the future?”

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William Feng Shaofeng Once Doubted Why Zanilia Zhao Liying Married Him

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Then he starts talking about Zanilia Zhao Liying. He expressed, “There are times where I can’t figure it out. At that time, I needed someone who was very free and easy going. This quality of hers is what attracts me the most. Her train of thought is very clear. There are times when I ask her whether she really wanted to marry me, if she really liked me or if she only married me just to fall in love, or only wanted to be with me for the sake of getting married.”

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William Feng Shaofeng doesn’t reveal what Zanilia Zhao Liying responded, but it’s evident he really loves his family.

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  1. I feel for Zhao Liying. If she just wanted to be married why didn’t she choose anyone younger, richer, brilliant, handsomely than him as she has many choices at the time? Has he lost his mind or abilities of understanding basic things in life??

    William Feng said he came home to cry to his wife every time he has faced difficulties at work. Ha..ha.. What type of husband, a man he is??? Has he got abilities to fulfil the roles of a husband, a father??? It is doubtful ?

    He knew he wants a stay at home wife. Why did he choose to compete with other for ZLY? Clearly she will not give up the career that she loves and has been pursued by tears and blood for over 15 years. Would anyone destroy a house that she/he has been working hard by heart and soul earning brick by brick to build for 15 years? The answer is NO…

    Is he stupid enough to put his wife under spotlight all the time??


    ZLY Worst choice after all. It was a waste of time and unworthy heart break…

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