Nana Ouyang Temporarily Bids Farewell to Showbiz For School

Nana Ouyang Temporarily Bids Farewell to Showbiz For School

Rising Taiwanese actress and cellist, Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜), 18, is temporarily leaving the entertainment industry in order to continue her dreams of pursuing music.  Nana and her younger sister, Didi, left for Boston on the first of this month.  Nana will be studying at the Berklee College of Music, whose alumni boasts of fellow Taiwanese artist, Wang Lee Hom and K-Pop singer, Psy, while Didi attends high school in Boston.

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Although her fans will miss seeing Nana on the big screen for a while, they also support her wishes to pursue music.  Many of her fans left comments on her social media accounts wishing her the best and pledged to wait for her return.  

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There was a bit of a controversy in 2015 when she left the Curtis Institute of Music to pursue acting.  Nana says she doesn’t regret the decision as it was a great opportunity to try something different.  She goes on to say that learning doesn’t stop in the classroom and everyone absorbs things differently.

Since her debut, Nana has ventured out into singing and acting.  She never  gave up on her ultimate dream to become a cellist.  However, she’s not giving up acting either.  Her end goal is to be an actor and a cellist, which don’t have to be mutually exclusive from each other. 

While Nana hasn’t specified when she will return to showbiz as she expressed she wants to continue studying until she’s satisfied and happy.  It will be at least another three years until we see Nana’s return. 

Good luck, Nana! We will wait for your return! 

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