Auston Lam and Wife, Tammy Ou-yang, Shade TVB on Why He Left the Company

Auston Lam and Wife, Tammy Ou-yang, Shades TVB on Why He Left the Company

Singer and actor, Auston Lam (林師傑), signed with TVB in 2009 after joining “The Voice” (超級巨聲). He did mostly supporting roles, but gained popularity as “Fe” in “Come Home Love”. However, since the series ended, he hasn’t had much more opportunities. On June 24, Auston Lam, announced his departure from TVB after being with the company for 11 years.

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Prior to his announcement, there were rumors he was given the cold treatment by TVB due to his wife, Tammy Ou-yang’s (歐陽巧瑩) political views. Tammy Ou-yang had left TVB in March and previously said she didn’t want to work in showbiz anymore. Shortly afterwards, she started to publicly show support for Hong Kong’s protests for democracy and fight against police brutality.

Auston Lam set the record straight on why he decided not to renew his contract with TVB in his post. He explained, “Old company proposed to me to change my contract to 6 shows per year. That means I am guaranteed $12,000 HKD a year. Even though it’s not even enough for one month’s rent, but it is indeed a gift from heaven. I am extremely grateful. I am 32 years old this year, I have a family. May I ask how I can accept this present? 11 years ago, joined a competition and decided to become a singer. 11 years later, starting fresh and becoming an independent singer. Is it too late? My wife will have to be poor with me.”

Tammy Ou-yang also commented on her husband’s revelation. She posted on IG saying, “Since I left TVB to today, whether it was in private or public, never once had I said “it’s not.” Because I really don’t want to have any relations with them anymore, but today I want to say something. Thank for your letting my husband go, but please take back your present. We will live very well!”

Credit: hk01, Auston Lam IG

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