Former TVB Artist, Auston Lam, Offended 7 TVB Producers and Led to Him Being Frozen for a Year

Former TVB Artist, Auston Lam, Offended 7 TVB Producers and Lead to Him Being Frozen for a Year

Former TVB artist, Auston Lam (林師傑), left the company in June when they only offered him 6 shows, guaranteed $12,000 salary a year renewal contract. He chose not to resign after being with the company for 11 years, following his wife’s foot steps, who left in March.

Auston Lam and Wife, Tammy Ou-yang, Shade TVB on Why He Left the Company

Auston Lam was recently a guest on a Youtube channel talking about his life and his past experiences with TVB. He revealed that he could never get into the good graces of TVB executives and often offended a lot of people. He said since he was small, he was never slick enough and didn’t know the ways of the world.

One of the hosts mentioned an incident that led to Auston Lam being frozen. Auston Lam shared a story how he was driving to work one day, but the car in front of him suddenly braked on a green light. So Auston Lam honked at the 7 seater car in front of him and the driver got out of his car. Auston Lam thought the driver might’ve known who he was and could’ve even been TVB executives. So when the driver approached him, Auston Lam put his hands up and said, “What is going on?”. The driver just looked at him and went back to his car, but wouldn’t drive off at the green light. So Auston Lam moved to the slow lane and just drove off.

Auston Lam in the middle reenacting the hand gesture he did to the driver

However, once Auston Lam got to the studio, he knew he was in trouble as he received several calls from two producers, a PA, and his manager to go to the 8th floor and see the executives. Auston Lam recounted, “They said I gave them the middle finger all at once to 7 producers. Once he got to the 8th floor, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) asked him to recount the events. Her final conclusion was that Auston Lam sped and that he was completely in the wrong even though he didn’t stick up his middle finger. In the end, Auston Lam had to personally apologize to the 7 producers and executives. He was also frozen for almost a year.

Auston Lam credited Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) aka Tsang-jeh for arranging him to play “Puppet Brother” in “Come Home Love” (愛‧回家), which earned him a JSG award for the theme song, “The Puppet Said” (小木偶的話). However, he offended people again when he thanked Tsang-jeh first at the award show. He realized that he should’ve thanked the music producers first since it was a music award show. He was once again reprimanded for this.

Credit: SkyPost, Auston Lam IG