Former TVB Actress Yammie Lam Kit Ying Found Dead in Her Home

Yammie Lam Kit Ying Passed Away

Former TVB actress, Yammie Lam Kit Ying (藍潔瑛), was found dead in her home this morning at the age of 55.  She was discovered when a friend was visiting her, smelled an odor and heard television noises coming from her apartment.  When the police arrived, they found Yammie Lam Kit Ying’s body on the bathroom floor.  The cause of death has not been determined.  Initial investigation has ruled out any foul play.

Yammie Lam Kit Ying was famous for her roles in “Looking Back at Anger” (義不容情), “The Greed of Man” (大時代), and Stephen Chow’s movie, “A Chinese Odyssey” (西遊記第壹百零壹回之月光寶盒).  In 1998, she was in a car accident and suffered severe injuries.  It was rumored she was sent to a mental facility after accepting treatment.  After that, various rumors about her mental health being unstable were circulated.  Her last piece of work was in 1999 in a film called “AIDS Heart.”  After that, she slowly faded out of the entertainment industry.

In 2002, Yammie Lam Kit Ying made a short come back when she accepted a sponsorship for a beauty company and worked on a film called “Troublesome Night 16” (陰陽路16之回到武俠時代).  However, shortly afterwards, there were signs of her mental health being unstable again.  There were also rumors of her losing money in the stock market.  She was also diagnosed with uterine tumors in 2005.  As a result of all that happened, she had no more money to cure herself and ended up declaring bankruptcy.  

There was controversy in 2013 when a short video of her interview revealed she was raped twice by two industry bigwigs in separate incidents.  In the video, she mentions how these two events were the biggest regrets in her life.  Many rumors about the two bigwigs were circulated, but there had been no concrete evidence to suggest the claims were in fact true. 

In later years, she lived in public housing and depended on welfare to survive.  There were reports of Yammie Lam Kit Ying screaming every night when she first moved in.  Neighbors could hear her screaming and always talking to herself.  However, her neighbors said things changed for the better in the past few years.  They said she no longer screamed at night and would even greet her neighbors and chat for a bit.  When news got out about her death, many of her neighbors only had nice things to say about her.

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