Ali Lee Rumored to be Written Off in “Big White Duel 2”

Ali Rumored to be Written Off in "Big White Duel 2"

Last year’s “Big White Duel” (白色強人) was a big hit for TVB and the cast. It helped Kenneth Ma (馬國明) win his first “Best Male Actor” award at the TVB anniversary awards. Due to the success of the series, TVB announced they were doing a sequel, “Big White Duel 2” (白色強人2). The sequel is set to start filming in October. At the time, Kenneth Ma expressed the original cast should be returning with new characters. Hopes of a reunion with the original cast might be shattered as there were reports today saying Ali Lee won’t be returning for the sequel.

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In the first series, viewers were left wondering about the fate of Ali Lee’s (李佳芯) character, “Kennis”, as she had a gun pointed at her head by militants. Shots were heard, but we never found out whether “Kennis” survived or not. Ali Lee was recently out distributing surgical masks and revealed that she didn’t know whether there will be changes, but expressed she had hopes to be a part of it. Now there are rumors that she will be written off in “Big White Duel 2”.

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If the rumors are true, this will be the third sequel in which Ali Lee will not be returning to film. The first series was “Who Wants a Baby?”, which led to her and co-star, Lokyi Lai, being replaced by Kenneth Ma and Eliza Sam. The sequel is a completely different storyline with new characters. However, Lokyi Lai and Ali Lee were originally scheduled to start filming the sequel in February. Ali’s character was also written out in “Legal Mavericks 2” with Kelly Cheung joining the sequel as a new character.

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Due to Ali Lee’s social media posts that were viewed as being in support of the Hong Kong protests, she was frozen in August 2019. When “Big White Duel 2” was announced, Ali Lee was also present and said she had major projects coming out this year, but had to wait for the company to arrange plans for filming.

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Kenneth Ma was asked about the rumors of Ali Lee being written off. He expressed, “Of course having the original cast is the best. We’ll have to wait for the producers and editors to decide.” Kenneth Ma also said there will be new characters added as it’ll be a new storyline and give viewers freshness. Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) was also asked about the news of Ali Lee. She expressed, “I haven’t received any notices on when we’ll start filming, so I’ll have to wait until we officially start filming to have an answer.” Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) expressed, “I hope it will be the entire original cast filming together because the viewers really liked our relationship (referring to Ali Lee, Natalie Tong, and Kelly Cheung). We also get along very well in private. Hope everything goes smoothly and film a good sequel for everyone.”

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The production crew will be heading to mainland China to film at the local hospitals. When asked if he was worried about the COVID-19 risks, Kenneth Ma expressed, “I believe the company made the decision with the outbreak in mind. I hope we can successfully start filming in October. That means the virus would have left everyone. The company will definitely think of safety first.” Wong Kalok (黃嘉樂) also expressed he wasn’t scared about filming in mainland China as they will do all the safety and hygienic precautions. Natalie Tong also said she isn’t worried about the coming months as the company wouldn’t send them there if it wasn’t ideal.

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