“Eternal Love of Dream” Actress, Liu Yuefei, Pens Long Post Hinting at Suicide

"Eternal Love of Dream" Actress, Liu Yuefei, Pens Long Post Hinting at Suicide

Content Warning: The following content may contain verbal and/or visual references to suicide and/or self harm. If you or someone you know is suicidal, please seek assistance with your local suicide intervention group:


Fans were ecstatic when “Eternal Love of Dream” (三生三世枕上书) finally aired. Chinese actress, Liu Yuefei (刘玥霏), who plays “Ji Heng” (姬蘅), in the drama, was actually the one who bought the licensing rights to the series long before its predecessor, “Eternal Love” (三生三世十里桃花), reached international success. She had initially intended to star as the female lead, “Feng Jiu”, but because of the unprecedented popularity of “Eternal Love”, fans protested and wanted the original cast (Dilraba and Vengo Gao) to act in the sequel. Netizens said she was “stealing the licensing rights” and “not suitable” for the role. In the end, she gave up the role and took on the hated second female lead, “Ji Heng”. Even though she gave in to public pressure, people continued to attack her.

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On August 28, 2018, she uploaded pictures of herself at the hospital. It was revealed she attempted to commit suicide by swallowing pills, but was rescued. Fans left encouraging comments on the post and told her to be strong for her child. It was never revealed what she was going through that led her to make that decision.

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Liu Yuefei’s post from her suicide attempt in 2018

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Fast forward to January 28, 2020, Liu Yuefei posts a long essay on Weibo about a young woman. Here is an excerpt from the post:

“She has always had a dream of buying a dress for herself when she was young. After working hard to save enough money, she bought an ordinary dress. She extremely liked it. Who expected the designer would suddenly become popular. Her dress became luxurious and limited edition. The whole city yelled at the young woman saying she wasn’t worthy of the dress. They yelled at her until she cried and collapsed. In the end, she lost the courage to wear it, decided to give this dress to a princess to wear.”

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Liu Yuefei included a picture of an elven girl stabbing her heart

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In the story, she detailed the hurtful comments people hurled at this young woman. She explained the young woman thought the nightmare would end like this, but people still laughed at her endlessly. Bearing so much pain, she decided to end her life, but was rescued. When she woke up, she saw her family’s heartbroken looks. She felt she needed to be strong and keep on living. Because of this, she changed her name and environment. This time, she thought she could really live peacefully. But after the skirt was modified and displayed, people came back and painfully yelled, “You dirtied the princess’ dress.” Because of this, it ripped open the wound again. Her inner mind once again dove into darkness.

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At the end of the story, she wrote, “She wants to live stream her death! What should she do? Who will write the ending?” Fans were alarmed by her post as it seemed the “young woman” was eerily similar to Liu Yuefei’s life and what she endeavored when she bought the rights to the series. A clue as to why she might be talking about herself is the name change. Liu Yuefei’s original name is actually Liu Yuxin (刘雨欣). They left comments saying, “Because of your gesture to give up this dress, people who really admire this dress will understand.”, “Really thankful you allowed this dress to have the opportunity to develop.”, “You are actually the princess.”

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18 thoughts on ““Eternal Love of Dream” Actress, Liu Yuefei, Pens Long Post Hinting at Suicide

  1. I hate Bullying and How it Affects the Bullied and can Cause them to Commit Harm to Themselves. So I feel Pain for Liu and what she may be going through. BUT the PERFECT ACTORS for Eternal Love of Dream are Vengo and Dilraba. I WOULD NOT have WATCHED the SERIES if THEY had NOT BEEN the MAIN Actors. Vengo and Dilraba and Mark Chao (Eternal Love) we’re ALL VERY “EXCEPTIONAL” ACTORS/ACTRESS. THEY made THESE TWO SERIES “GO DOWN IN MOVIE HISTORY!” It Pained me to see some parts where Liu Acted. But I think she was a fairly decent actress and could Cry Very Well. Her Beauty was NO WHERE NEAR COMPARABLE to Dilraba, so one is already biased when watching. I Pray for her Healing. Her Strength MUST be there and Her Self-Acceptance MUST be Impenetrable and Her Self-Image MUST be able to Take Criticisms and Reject Bullying.

  2. To be in careers of the arts, you really must have a strong sense of self. If other’s opinions matters more than what you think of yourself, then it’s not for you. People in the arts will always face criticism at some time or another. If you can’t stomach it, don’t go into arts. That certainly doesn’t mean she deserved to get hate but you need to be able to handle it or ignore it. I watched the spin off drama due to the chemistry that the two actors who played the leads had in the previous drama they were in. No, I would not have watched it with the one who attempted suicide. No hate to her at all it’s just certain actors peak my interest and Vengao and Raba peaked my interest. I do hope netz learn to leave people alone. These actors, singers, etc, don’t belong to you. Do not have to answer to your every demand. Let them live.

  3. I feel like if u can’t handle the pressure of particular profession then don’t do it.. Acting career in not easy, it is filled with ups and down.. one day u might end up losing all ur dream roles the next u might end up bagging even better roles.. with acting “praises” and “critizing” are two sides of the same coin, if u can’t handle either one of those sides then this is the not the profession for u.. that’s being said, ppl are mean shits who loves to attack celebrities for silly reasons forgetting that they too are human beings..

    I don’t support the bullying of LY (AL) but at the same time I don’t agree with lot of statements casually thrown either.. princess my foot, every actor work their ass off to reach the position they are in now, it’s not handed to them on a silver platter.. Do u guys even know when LY bought the copyright for pillowbook? It was around 2014-2015, she litreally had 2yrs + to start the production work but nothing happened. so how can u people give away the hard work of TMOPB production to LY as if she wrote the damn novel? Do u have any idea how competitive and ever changing the TV industry is, no one is going to wait for u just because u have kept the copyright in ur home for more than 2 yrs, especially when it’s the second installment of a series. When TMOPB production bought the copyright of first installment then also no one knew abt the novel (except for few novel fans) and those few abused the casting called the actors ugly especially mark chao, but the production endured it and made the three lives universe popular to the whole world by their hardwork and dedication.. it was the actors who made each and every character in the three lives universe popular to the whole world..

    Do u know what the right anology is? A girl bought a skirt from the shop when no one knew that design existed and kept it at home for 2 years, then some other person went to the same shop bought the whole set Shirt, socks, scarf, hat and well groomed the set despite not having the skirt and presented it to public in it’s best version, and brand became quite popular all the while the girl who bought the skirt was still complaining at home that since she bought a part of the set no one else allowed to wear it..

    LY either has to take risk and play the FJ role or she should look the big picture and let the actor who is the best suitor if the role do it.. that’s called professionalism / business.. LY instead of indirectly blaming others actors/productions as if they wronged her Should look into her own mistake of wasting away 2+ years and learn from it for her future work..

  4. If anyone wants to see the kind of hate that is spewed toward people by total strangers, all they need to do is see the comments here. Wow, some of you. She’s whining and trying to get attention? The “other” side of the story?

    This young woman, through no fault of her own, is being criticized over and over again because she discovered and bought the rights to something that no one else had yet. And then, when 3L3W became big, she had to give up on her dream to play the lead role for something that she worked hard for (contrary to Ms. “she sounds as though she had a rich dad” in this thread). But people were STILL relentless in their criticism, the fact that she already gave up the role wasn’t even enough to satisfy them.

    Just look at all the hateful comments here, the fact that she was driven to suicide – and I’m sure there were other factors, but let’s not gloss over the truth that she worked hard for what she dreamed would be the role of a lifetime, only to be forced to give it away – only makes people even more hateful and pathetic here – when NO ONE EVEN KNOWS HER. And all those comments about how she shouldn’t be an actress if she can’t handle public pressure and struggles with suicidal thoughts? How’s that going for all those Kpop stars, hmm? For all of you guys saying you can’t imagine someone else playing those roles – that’s fine. But take a good look at yourselves before judging others, because all I see is some real ugly people here.

    People have such short memories, back when Mark Chao was cast as Ye Hua, he came under relentless, widespread criticism for not being “hot” or “handsome” enough for the role, people complaining that they couldn’t imagine him as Ye Hua, that he wasn’t suited for the role, that he only got the role because of his dad’s industry connections, etc.

  5. she should’ve held onto her beliefs and kept the role as fengjiu. don’t give in to netizens!

  6. I can’t imagine another actress playing Fengjiu besides Reba. Nor another actor playing Dong Hua besides Vengo. And it definitely be an eye sore watching her pair up with Vengo. I mean I don’t even like seeing her on screen as Ji Heng with Dong Hua. She just doesn’t have that audience fate. It would be a total flop if she was playing Fengjiu. Imagine her acting cute and all. Reba fits the role perfectly. Dreams and reality are different thing altogether. She sounds as though she has a rich dad who bought her the role just because she wanted it but it doesn’t matter if the drama face losses or not. Well, if you’re buying it with your own money, that sounds even more sad. And she should know how much hate she will get for making fans of the book angry. Many before the Eternal Love was aired never liked Reba and Vengo in it as well. But they have proved the book fans wrong. Like Vengo once said, “as actors they can’t always please the public”. Celebrities always gets attacked, but if you feel like dying each time you get attacked, then this is probably not the job for you. It’s not the other way around. Cos we can’t stop the public from criticising. It comes with an entertainment career. Vengo and Reba got criticised so much for his acting since his debut in acting. So did they commit suicide? People said Vengo is expressionless and Reba is just a pretty face. So….they moved on and on working hard and they hit the right role and was hardworking to prove people wrong. So stop whining and getting attention. Gosh.

    1. I also like both vengo and dilliraba but that lady doesn’t deserve all the hating she’s getting it’s not like everyone is strong enough to endure negative comments

      But I’m glad she lived pass it and i wish her a happy life and career after this

    2. I couldn’t agreed more. The fact that she bought the rights doesn’t mean the role would fit her. It’s sad that for just this she try to kill herself( I thought it was for her cheating husband). And I pity her, but why posting it now, does she wants people to withdraw and no watch the drama?

      Once Again it’s sad and yeah some people are mean and heartless and would attack without realizing the pain that they cause, but been a actor is hard enough and they should know the consequences of being one. Some would love you some don’t. This is the world we live in it.

      I would no watched the drama if Dilraba and Vengao would no be mains leads. They are the perfect couple for this drama, end of the discussion 🙂

    3. Maybe heartless selfish people like yourself should shut up and stop thinking you are more important than everyone else. All you haters are so sad about your bitter selfish existance that you have to hurt others as well… Let artist be judged on their creations, not you expectations.

      I hope she has continued success for herself and her family. Without creative people taking risks you would still be living in a cave!

  7. She did mistake then she give up the role and got hit by consequences of the mistake. Never give up on something that very important to you. Another thing is : you should never listen to negative people that write angry or hateful comments. Because you should not care about such people. There are always some dogs that will bark on you. Why you should care about the barking? Or about the dogs…

  8. Look I feel for her she got the lead fair and square but it would have never worked eternal already in the first part had introduced Vengo &Dilraba so it would not have made sense to recast Dilraba with her ……to her life is precious love it some it goes great some it goes sour but your friends and people who live in the good and not so good are rooting for you and sooooo many people see your talent fighting 💪🏼💪🏼☺️

  9. Another side of the story: The Original prince and princess’ chemistry touched the heart of millions of people. Then a hardworking girl wanted the dress of the princess so she paid for the it. She wore the dress but it still doesn’t transform her to the original princess. People told her she doesn’t suit the dress and she became so depressed and tried to commit suicide. Moral of the story: People has their own place and time to shine. Don’t force it. Money can’t buy everything even if you really worked hard for it…

    1. Nah, it would be more like this: A girl bought a dress she really liked, waiting for the opportunity to wear it. While she was looking for an opportunity, another girl wore a rip-off version of that dress and became very popular. The first girl was then bullied relentlessly into giving up her dress to the second girl, and became depressed as a result and attempted suicide.

    2. I can’t believe there are people who can be so mean. I am a fan of Dilireba and I have been following for years, but that would never justify the hate this actress is receiving just because she dreamed of playing the part, or because the people now dislike the character she’s playing, which to be fair is just a faithful depiction of the same character in the book.

    3. Oh please, she bought the rights to The Pillow Book before there was even an “original” prince and princess – the characters of Fengjiu and DongHua hadn’t even been cast yet and Eternal Love/TMOPB wasn’t a drama yet.

      So that isn’t the other side of the story, that’s just the story you made up. because you have no idea what you’re talking about. If there was an “original” princess, then SHE was the original, but because Dilireba was very popular as Fengjiu, she was forced to give up that role.

      The moral of the story is that people should look in the mirror and see how ugly they are when they’re being so critical and hateful of total strangers.

  10. I’m so sorry for her but I would not have watch Eternal Love of Dream if Feng Jui was played by a different actress… it’s not just because of Liu Yuefei but for us fans who love TMOPB original cast and their chemistry… and sometimes changing different actress/actor just does not feel right… i mean I’m still trying to adjust to those new faces that plays the same character…

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