Ella Chen Praises BLACKPINK’s Lisa as a “Human Barbie”

Ella Chen Praises BLACKPINK's Lisa as a "Human Barbie"

The long anticipated second season of “Youth With You”, aptly titled, “Youth With You 2020”, finally debuted on March 12. Most international fans were particularly excited to see BLACKPINK’s Lisa as the dance mentor. Despite the language differences, it didn’t prove to be an issue as Cai PD (Cai Xukun) and Ella Chen (陈嘉桦) of S.H.E spoke English and were able to communicate with Lisa.

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Ella Chen was particularly a good addition to the show as she is often the prankster, along with Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤), an ice breaker. She is the oldest member out of all the mentors and has experience being in a girl group. She also served as a mentor on Tencent’s first season of “Produce 101 China”, which was also a girl idol competition. When she first saw the trainees, it reminded her of when she first debuted and expressed, “The different personalities in each of us, we have now become the most indispensable part in each other’s lives.”

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On working with the other mentors, Ella Chen jokingly said Cai Xukun, who is 22 years old this year, can be her son. Ella Chen is 39 years old this year, but in the show she refers to Cai Xukun as “xuezhang” (学长), which is a term to refer to a senior male classmate. She also praised him for taking everything seriously. Even though there is a lot going on during filming, he is well prepared for each detail during filming. It’s no wonder that Cai Xukun became the PD of this season.

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As for Jony J, before she met him, Ella Chen thought he would be very aloof and cold. In the end, the two had a lot to talk about in private and Ella said, “He was able to follow a lot of my jokes.” Perhaps this is due to the recent announcement of Jony J becoming a father to a baby girl on February 29. Ella Chen has a three year old son, Daniel.

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When it came to Lisa, Ella Chen described her as a “human Barbie” and used the Chinese idiom “百闻不如一见” (Bǎi wén bùrú yī jiàn) to praise her, which means that seeing her once for herself is better than hearing about it from other people 100 times. Ella Chen said, “I really like her a lot. Good thing my English isn’t bad. She can understand what I’m saying.” She mentioned there was a time when she gave a small gift to each of the mentors. When Ella Chen gave it to Lisa, she felt really bad because she didn’t prepare a gift for Ella in return. Ella Chen expressed, “Her overwhelmed expression was too cute.”

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Lisa’s dance performance:

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Watch the first episode with Eng Subs:

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