S.H.E Leaving Management Company After 17 Years, Fans Fear Disbandment

S.H.E Breaking Up Leaving Him Ella Chen Selina Jen Hebe Tien

Long time Taiwanese female group, S.H.E, just finished their concert on the 11th commemorating their 17th year anniversary.  After rumors of Ella Chen (陳嘉樺) leaving their music label and management company, HIM International Music (HIM), in July,  it was said starting from October, she would be managed by her husband, Alvin Lai (賴斯翔).  Today, there are rumors that Selina Jen (任家萱) and Hebe Tien (田馥甄) are following suit and leaving HIM after their contract is up.  

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When contacted for a response, HIM said, “The contract between the members of S.H.E and our company has not expired yet.  In the coming months, each member will be setting up their own company.  Future plans on collaboration are still being discussed.”  Alvin Lai had quit his job earlier and became Ella’s exclusive consultant at HIM to overlook her work activities.  He also registered an entertainment company tailored for Ella’s future projects and activities.

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Ella: I have not done anything wrong.

When Ella first announced her plans to leave the company, many fans were unhappy she was breaking up the group.  Ella’s response to this, “I am not afraid of misunderstandings.  Our relationship is not just based on a piece of paper.  I have not done anything wrong.  I am too invested in S.H.E.  I know to our fans, they will think we haven’t appeared as a group in a long time, but in 2012, we already went solo, but insisted on staying as a group.  Since then until now, it has been the same.  Everyone was waiting a long time and might have panicked a little, but don’t worry about this.”

As to whether Selina and Hebe would be joining her new company, Ella responded two months ago, “It depends if Selina and Hebe are interested.  Management has to be tailored for the artist, knowing what you like also has to be tailored.  Alvin doesn’t really understand them that well either.”

Even though the three members are still a family, as they say, it might be harder to see them in the future as S.H.E due to copyright issues.  

Credit: Apple Daily TW, ETtoday.net