Chinese Actor Wu Xiubo Involved in Cheating Scandal, Allegations of Sexual Harassment with Minors Dug Up

Wu Xiubo Chen Yulin Affair

Married Chinese actor, Wu Xiubo (吳秀波), has been busted to have an affair with an actress 25 years his junior, Chen Yulin (陳昱霖).  She is actually the one that blew the cover on their supposed 7 year long affair on her friend’s circle on Weibo.  Not only does he have one mistress, but it has been rumored he has two other mistresses.  

Wu Xiubo Accused of Setting Up Mistress with Blackmail Charges and Getting Her Imprisoned

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Chen Yulin writes that Wu Xiubo left her after getting sick of her.  She mentions all the sacrifices she made for his career.  There were details about how she took care of him and cooked for him when he was filming overseas.  She even mentions a particular incident where he got rough with her.  He hasn’t responded to any of the rumors, but it has made netizens dig up old dirt on him regarding allegations from self-proclaimed “China’s No.1 Paparazzi”, Zhuo Wei (卓偉), that he was involved with underaged females.  When Zhuo Wei first reported on this allegation in 2017, there wasn’t much coverage or attention.  Now that Wu Xiubo is involved with a cheating scandal, the topic has garnered attention again.  

Allegations with Minors

The article states that “each alleged victim is younger than the other.”  There were a total of three victims with one having more than a 30 year age difference with Wu Xiubo.  The first victim, who is also the youngest, was in the same company as Wu Xiubo and is alleged she was a minor when she had relations with him.  The second victim filmed a modern series with Wu Xiubo and is said to have had a boyfriend at the time.  The article claims Wu Xiubo allegedly got her drunk and got violent with her.  The last victim filmed a Qing Dynasty time travel series with Wu Xiubo and is said to be 20+ years his junior, also a minor at the time.  The article alleges Wu Xiaobo used the excuse of talking about the series and forcefully pushed her into the room.  The victim was emotionally and physically hurt, even leaving the industry. 

Credibility of the Article

Netizens seem to have identified the “victims” in the article.  However, there seems to be some contrasts in the article as to the whereabouts of the last victim.  She has hardly left the industry as she filmed four series in a year, questioning the credibility of these serious allegations.

Chen Yulin’s long post also reveals that at one point, he was having relations with five other people.  She says she realized she was being played at their seven year mark.  She also recounts of the violent encounter she had with Wu Xiubo in Milan.  Netizens have pointed out old interviews of Wu Xiubo’s talking about his thoughts on love.  He subtly says he had his “first” at 15 or 16, but didn’t have real experiences with “love” until his 20s.  He reveals he is a man that doesn’t know how to say no.  He also mentions it was trendy during his time for men to be “not initiating, not rejecting, not responsible,” and that he was no different.  After reading this, many netizens have called him a scumbag, with Zhuo Wei even labeling him as “Entertainment’s No.1 Animal.” 

Credit:, Apple Daily TW, Modia HK (Photo)

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