Wu Xiubo Accused of Setting Up Mistress with Blackmail Charges and Getting Her Imprisoned

Wu Xiaobo Accused of Setting Up Mistress with Blackmail Charges and Getting Her Imprisoned

Chinese actor, Wu Xiubo (吳秀波), was involved in an image shattering scandal last September when his mistress, Chen Yulin (陳昱霖), aired his dirty laundry to the public. In Chen Yulin’s allegations, she claims to have sacrificed seven years of her career to be with the married Wu Xiubo and even alleges he was cheating on her with two other actresses. The scandal died down as there was no follow up to the claims until yesterday. Chen Yulin’s father, using his daughter’s Weibo account, solicited help as he revealed she was being sued by Wu Xiubo. He claims Wu Xiubo set up his daughter that led to her arrest in November, putting her at risk for imprisonment over 10 years.

Chinese Actor Wu Xiubo Involved in Cheating Scandal, Allegations of Sexual Harassment with Minors Dug Up

Chen Yulin’s father claims Wu Xiubo and his manager demanded Chen Yulin to come out and clarify the rumors weren’t true. He also claims Wu Xiubo was willing to give her a “break up fee” to make amends. It is reported Chen Yulin was abroad getting treatment for her sickness while this was happening. Chen Yulin’s father alleges Wu Xiubo used several different reasons to only give a small amount of the “break up fee.” He also called Chen Yulin wanting to speak with her on the remaining parts of their agreement when she returned to China. However, upon Chen Yulin’s return on November 5th, she was arrested by the police at the Beijing airport. It was only then did they find out Wu Xiubo had actually plotted the whole trap and filed a police report against Chen Yulin for exposing his privacy and blackmailing him for money.

Chen Yulin’s father had tried contacting Wu Xiubo before, hoping to apologize to him and his wife in person and ask for their understanding. However, Wu Xiubo’s lawyers notified Chen Yulin’s father that his daughter’s actions have led Wu Xiubo and the company to lose out over 1 billion RMB and may have directly ended Wu Xiubo’s career in showbiz. Since Chen Yulin’s outcry for help, Wu Xiubo came out to dispel his claims are false and has already reported his actions to the police. He will also hold Chen Yulin’s father legally responsible for his words.

Wu Xiubo’s wife, He Zhenya (何震亞), who remained silent on the scandal this whole time, released a statement through Wu Xiaobo’s work studio stating they mulled over the decision to call the police. They finally decided to report them to the police because they were being threatened and intimidated for over a year. She also revealed Chen Yulin and her father were blackmailing them for a couple million dollars to tens of millions.

Wu Xiubo, who claims his career would be finished because of the allegations, has resumed working. There was increased security at the film site to protect the star. He has refused all interviews and was seen being covered by a crew member to prevent reporters from taking pictures. It was reported he has lost out on several endorsements and a few film and series projects have been put on hold because of this scandal.

Credit: hk.on.cc, hk01.com, Wu Xiaobo Weibo, Chen Yulin Weibo

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