“Idol Producer 2” Not Airing as Scheduled

"Idol Producer 2" Not Airing as Scheduled

The highly anticipated “Idol Producer 2” (青春有你) from iQiyi was scheduled to air its first episode on Friday, January 18 at 8:00 pm. However, after fans were waiting anxiously for the episode to air at 8:00 pm, they only found out thirty minutes later that the episode “won’t be airing as originally planned.” Many fans were confused as to what was going on and the topic “When is “Idol Producer 2″ airing?” was trending on the hot search list on Weibo.

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Around 8:30 pm, the official “Idol Producer 2” Weibo posted a statement about the show addressed to the viewers and the producers of the show:

“To the Dear “Idol Producer 2” Producers:

Thank you to everyone who has always followed closely and supported “Idol Producer 2.” The crew members, the mentors, trainers, and the trainees all have nervously prepared for the show. In order to show everyone an even better side of us, we need more time. Thank you for your patience and protection. Let us anticipate an even better “Idol Producer 2” together. The harder we work, the better we are. “Idol Producer 2″, looking forward to the future!”

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Many fans were theorizing why the show isn’t airing as planned. One netizen theorizes the fans voting and elimination system haven’t been reviewed, resulting in the producers to cancel the debut and have an emergency meeting to adjust it. Someone else also theorizes it’s due to China’s recent “male artists wearing earrings ban” that is requiring more time to edit the content. The show still hasn’t offered any concrete reason as to why the show is delayed or when the new air date will be, but filming on the 23rd is still on as originally scheduled.

Credit: ETtoday.net, Idol Producer 2 Weibo