Jeannie Chan Denies Vacationing with Carlos Chan in Japan

Jeannie Chan Denies Vacationing with Carlos Chan in Japan

Netizens are always curious about the love life of up and coming TVB actress, Jeannie Chan (陳瀅). She has long been rumored to be dating Joey Law (羅天宇), which both have vehemently denied. Jeannie Chan’s latest rumor partner is Carlos Chan (陳家樂) as the two were seen dining together, hence the start of the dating rumors. The two actors denied dating each other. Both of them said it was an angle issue in response to the eyewitness report claiming they were sharing the same sauce pan and feeding each other. The rumors simmered down until a recent news reported the two were allegedly vacationing together in Tokyo.

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Carlos Chan was previously interviewed about the rumors, but didn’t provide a definitive answer. Jeannie Chan attended a function today and clarified the rumors. She said, “I was vacationing in Japan with a few of my middle school classmates. There were men and women present. He coincidentally was also vacationing in Japan. So everyone thought we went together. I was actually in Okinawa and he was in Tokyo.”

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Jeannie Chan vehemently denies dating Carlos Chan and states he is not pursuing her either. She says, “We are only filming a series together. There is no romantic storyline on or off screen. He is slow to warm up. We didn’t interact much during filming.”

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With the Lunar New Year coming up, Jeannie Chan is spending the holiday in Vancouver with her family. She does admit she has pursuers, but none who are ideal dating partners. Jeannie Chan shares, “I hope my next boyfriend is an ideal marriage partner. My grandma is worried I won’t be able to get married. In my trip back to Vancouver this time, she has already set me up to meet with her friends’ sons. She is telling me to go have tea to meet them. I am filial and will listen to my grandma.”

Credit: Ming Pao, Jeannie Chan IG, Carlos Chan IG