Carlos Chan Denies Cohabiting with Jeannie Chan

Carlos Chan Denies Cohabiting with Jeannie Chan

Dating rumors started between Carlos Chan (陳家樂) and Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) when a netizen reported seeing them eating together last December. The netizen claimed seeing them share the same oil tray and said Carlos Chan fed sushi to Jeannie Chan. The report also says Jeannie Chan drove Carlos Chan back to her home that night. After the rumors came out, they both denied it and explained they just had dinner after work and Jeannie Chan only drove Carlos Chan to the subway stop downstairs her home.

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The rumors eventually died down until January 2019. The two were allegedly seen vacationing in Japan together, but Jeannie Chan later clarified that she went to Okinawa with her middle school class mates. Carlos Chan was vacationing in Tokyo at the same time, but with a different group of friends. When asked about developing further, Jeannie Chan said he wasn’t pursuing her and that there was no romance between them, while Carlos Chan said he doesn’t want to think about dating right now, after going through a break up with his long term girlfriend, Jennifer Yu (余香凝).

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Fast forward to September, their dating rumors started again when Hong Kong media allegedly caught Carlos Chan taking a taxi late at night to Jeannie Chan’s home. It’s reported when the building security guard saw Carlos Chan, he nodded his head to greet him and opened the door for him, spurring on the rumors the two are living together.

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This Hong Kong news outlet also reports Jeannie Chan was afraid her manager would find out about their relationship so she specially rented a space in her building as a love nest for her and Carlos Chan. The report goes on to say that Carlos Chan likes home cooked meals so they claim Jeannie Chan would often get cooking tips from friends.

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Carlos Chan spoke to media and responded to the cohabiting rumors saying, “We are not dating nor are we living together. We’ve been friends all along. My first priority right now is my career. Thanks for your concern.” As for Jeannie Chan, she said, “I won’t respond to untrue things. As a friend, I won’t purposely go find out about his whereabouts.” When asked if this incident would ruin their friendship, she said, “No, we’ve been friends all along and will continue being friends. As for other things, I don’t want to say so much.”

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