Jeannie Chan Says She Has High Standards When it Comes to Dating

Jeannie Chan TVB Life on the Line Dating

TVB actress, Jeannie Chan (陳瀅), has seen a rise in her popularity ever since her series, “Life on the Line” aired.  She’s had countless of dating rumors with her co-stars and colleagues, especially Joey Law.  Although the two have denied dating each other, the reporters don’t seem to buy it.  In an interview with hk01com, she reveals she has been single for some time now.  Her good pals, Sisley Choi and Moon Lau are also worried about her being single for so long.  Jeannie Chan says, “Maybe because I have a boyish personality.  The men I’ve interacted with know I am not the type to act cute.  

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She elaborates further and says, “Many people think I have high standards.  But my high standards aren’t about looks, educational background, career, or how much you know.  I have high standards when it comes to feelings.  I don’t really care about qualifications.  I care more about that feeling, that connection.  You can’t explain feelings.  I can understand why people have this idea about me, like one of my ex-boyfriend’s (Arnaldo Ho?) was kind of hard to compare with others.  If you want to get to know me, it’s about the feeling, not about comparing my previous relationships.  If I really like a person, I wouldn’t really care about your past relationships.”

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When asked if it’s hard to ask her out on a date, Jeannie Chan reveals, “It’s about my feeling at that time.  Sometimes when I’m free, I might stay home instead of going out because it’s based on my feelings at that time, whether I want to see people or go out.  I’m pretty lazy, I’m always at home.”  On whether it matters if her dating partners have cars or not, Jeannie Chan laughs and says, “It doesn’t matter.  I have a car, I don’t need you to drive me.

Credit:, Jeannie Chan IG