Jeannie Chan and Carlos Chan Clarify Their Dating Rumors

Jeannie Chan and Carlos Chan Clarify Their Dating Rumors

Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) and Carlos Chan (陳家樂), who were seen having dinner a few days ago, were asked about their dating rumors today.  Even though the two were not at the same event, the two had corroborated their story well when reporters were grilling them about that night’s event.  Jeannie Chan said, “Actually we just got off work and decided to have dinner together.”  When asked why she drove Carlos Chan back to her place, she explained, “This I have to explain clearly.  Carlos didn’t drive that day, but we were both going to Hong Kong island.  The parking lot beneath my home is a subway station, that’s why I drove him.  After that, we separated.  It’s a good thing the news report said I was with my friends later on.”  

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Carlos Chan Denies Cohabiting with Jeannie Chan

On whether Carlos Chan is pursuing her, Jeannie Chan exclaims they aren’t.  When asked about Carlos Chan feeding her that night, Jeannie Chan said, “This is just the effect of the writing and camera skills.  It’s really for entertainment purposes.”  On whether the two are developing their relationship further, she said, “Because we’re both filming together and both are single, it’s easy to have rumors spread about us.  It’s happened to me a few times already.” 

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When asked if Carlos Chan is her cup of tea, Jeannie Chan says, “He’s a very hard worker.  Crew members says we look like brothers and sisters.  I really need to clarify because we’re just working together.”  Jeannie Chan also says she won’t avoid eating with her co-stars as it’s normal and won’t be cautious of it in the future.  She also says she ate with Matthew Ho (何廣沛) before just that it wasn’t filmed.  

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Carlos Chan’s Side of the Story

Carlos Chan was at the blessing ceremony for his new film with co-star and rumored girlfriend, Kathy Yuen (湯怡).  Reporters asked Kathy Yuen if she feels a sigh of relief now that Carlos Chan has new dating rumors.  She responded, “Can’t really say that, but I think it’s funny.”  When asked about the dating rumors with Jeannie Chan, Carlos Chan laughed and said, “I will have no more friends.  We were just eating dinner.  I was not feeding her, it was an angle issue.  She was only driving me to the subway station near her home.  We are not dating.  We’re like brothers.”  

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As for whether or not they have a chance to develop further, Carlos Chan says he’s not thinking about it now as he’s busy with work.  

Credit: (1, 2), Jeannie Chan IG, Carlos Chan IG