Chen Yufan Avoids Prison, Ordered to Enter Rehab for Three Years

Chen Yufan Gets Court Ordered Drug Rehab, Avoids Jail Time

Chinese musician, Chen Yufan (陳羽凡), who was recently arrested for drug use and possession, got a slap on the wrist as officials have ordered him to get treatment for his drug addiction that will last for three years.  He will not be serving any jail time.  The mandate starts from December 17, 2018 to December 16, 2021.  

Bai Baihe’s Ex-Husband, Chen Yufan Arrested on Drug Charges

It is reported that even though this is Chen Yufan’s first drug offense, it has been determined by the governing bodies that he has a drug addiction.  Aside from going into rehab, each month, he has to get a urine test and go into the local community drug center for an interview.  If he violates the terms of his probation and is found to have consumed or be in possession of drugs within these three years, he will face “compulsory isolation and detoxification” until the addiction is cured.

Credit:, Chen Yufan Weibo