Bai Baihe’s Ex-Husband, Chen Yufan Arrested on Drug Charges

Bai Baihe Ex-Husband and Singer of Yuan, Chen Yufan Arrested on Drug Charges_

Chinese actress, Bai Baihe’s (白百何) ex-husband, Chen Yufan (陳羽凡), who is famous in his own right as one half of the music duo, Yu Quan (羽泉), has been arrested for drug use and possession of drugs.  The singer is currently being detained by authorities in Beijing.  Bai Baihe has been silent, while his partner, Hu Haiquan (胡海泉), vented on Weibo with ten “why” questions, alluding to why Chen Yufan would do such a foolish thing.

Chen Yufan Avoids Prison, Ordered to Enter Rehab for Three Years

On November 27th, the Beijing police authority posted on Weibo that they arrested a male singer, surname Chen, 43 years of age, and a female, surname He, age 25 with no occupation, for drug charges on the 26th.  At the scene, they found 7.96 grams of methamphetamine and 2.14 grams of marijuana.  The authorities also said, “Through urine testing, Mr. Chen tested positive for methamphetamine and marijuana, while Ms. He tested positive for marijuana.  At present, Mr. Chen is being detained for drug use and possession of drugs, while Ms. He is being detained for drug use.  This case is currently being investigated.”  

When the news report came out, it was a netizen who exposed the drug bust was on Chen Yufan.  To add to the credibility of the news, Yu Quan was supposed to hold a concert on Christmas, but it has been cancelled due to “the artist’s personal reasons.”  Chen Yufan’s company, Ju Jiang Entertainment (巨匠娛樂), immediately issued a legal notice on Weibo for netizens to stop spreading false allegations.  However, the post was deleted shortly afterwards.  Ju Jiang then posted an apology letter on Weibo admitting Chen Yufan was arrested for drug charges.  Their statement says:

“We feel immense regret and sadness at Mr. Chen Yufan’s personal actions.  We also regret the impact of his actions on the public.  Our colleagues, at the moment, are also feeling regret and sorrow.  We will wholeheartedly respect the outcome and the handling of the case by the relevant departments.  We will also fully cooperate with the relevant teams on handling the aftermath of the incident.”  

Someone connected with Ju Jiang and the relevant parties revealed that the company wasn’t notified yet when the news came out.  As a result, they mistakenly treated the online circulation of Chen Yufan as rumors, which is why they had to delete the legal notice and issue an apology.  

Credit:, Weibo 

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