Jeannie Chan and Carlos Chan Seen Dining Together, Rumored to be Dating

Jeannie Chan Carlos Chan Seen Dining Together, Rumored to be Dating

TVB actress, Jeannie Chan, (陳瀅) is in the news again as she was seen having dinner with fellow actor, Carlos Chan (陳家樂).  The 29 year old actress’ last public relationship was with Arnaldo Ho (何猷亨), the eldest son of casino tycoon, Stanley Ho (何鴻燊) with his fourth wife, Angela Leong (梁安琪).  The two broke up last year and was quickly rumored to have reunited when they were seen watching fireworks together.  However, the two denied they were back together.  Since then, Jeannie Chan has been countlessly rumored with different suitors, notably Joey Law (羅天宇).  Both also claimed to be just friends.  This might be true now that Jeannie Chan is seen hanging with Carlos Chan, who also became single recently.  

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On December 1st, an Apple Daily reader released a tip to the newspaper that they saw Jeannie Chan and Carlos Chan dining together at a Japanese restaurant in the IFC building in Central.  This reader says the two seemed like they had nonstop topics to talk about.  She also says the two shared the same plate of sesame oil.  She saw Carlos Chan wanting to feed a piece of sashimi to Jeannie Chan’s mouth, who lowered her head.  Jeannie Chan laughed a bit, but in the end didn’t eat the sashimi, leaving Carlos Chan to eat it himself.  The two left the restaurant around 8PM.  The two acted like they didn’t know each other and kept a bit of distance when walking to the elevator to get to the parking lot.  Jeannie Chan drove off in her white convertible and dropped Carlos Chan off in TST.  Later that evening, she even uploaded IG stories of her with female friends at a hookah bar, but Carlos Chan was nowhere to be seen.  

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Jeannie Chan and Carlos Chan Seen Dining Together, Rumored to be Dating
Carlos Chan and Jeannie Chan dining at a Japanese Restaurant together.  Source: Apple Daily reader

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The two met each other when they filmed “ICAC Investigators 2019” in August and seemed to have sparks.  At that time, Carlos Chan had just broke up with his long term girlfriend, Jennifer Yu (余香凝), for two months.  When asked if there would be a chance for him and Jeannie Chan to develop further, he said, “This is only our first time working together and you guys are already talking about romance.  Let us get familiar with each other first! We’ve seen each other a few times before.  We’ve only chatted with each other in a recent meeting.  She’s willing to talk to me and she’s very nice.”  

Credit: Apple Daily (1, 2), Jeannie Chan IG, Carlos Chan IG