Social Media Roundup – Week of 11/26/18 to 12/02/18

Social Media Roundup Week of 11.26.18 to 12.02.18

Leanne Li celebrating her birthday and having her baby shower at the same time.

Michael Miu’s son, Murphy Mui, graduated from college.

Vincent Wong still working out after injuring his pinky.

Benjamin Yuen jokingly thanks Fala Chen’s ex-husband, Daniel Suek, who is his doppleganger, for helping him tend to fans. 

Grace Chan’s first public event since announcing her pregnancy, wearing 4 inch heels. 

Dicky Cheung’s “The Learning Curve of a Warlord” is finally airing on 12/3.  Here is a trailer featuring Dicky Cheung:

Lokyi Lai not willing to be a team sport while everyone is shaking their thang:

Bolin Chen joking he will use his look from his series “King of Blaze” as his Halloween costume next year.  

Samm Go Ling rewarding her fans with a nose bleed photo for reaching 400K followers on Instagram.

Jacqueline Wong took a picture with Wang Lee Hom and says she waited 19 years to meet him.  Also says he was her first husband.

Alice Chan’s birthday celebration with Natalie Tong, Kenneth Ma and Jacqueline Wong