Chinese Actor, Wang Baoqiang, Accused by Ex-Wife, Ma Rong, of Assaulting Her

Wang Baoqiang Accused by Ex-wife Ma Rong of Assaulting Her

Chinese actor, Wang Baoqiang’s (王寶強) personal life was all over the headlines two years ago when he exposed his ex-wife, Ma Rong (馬蓉), was cheating on him.  It was alleged Ma Rong was cheating on him with Wang Baoqiang’s former manager, Song Zhe (宋喆).  Wang Baoqiang filed for divorce that should’ve been the end of the drama.  However, it has been reported today that Wang Baoqiang had assaulted Ma Rong.  Her injuries include bruises on her face, a bruised left eye, and a bleeding right hand.  She was immediately brought to the hospital to treat her injuries.  

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The Chinese media reached Ma Rong for her story and she alleges Wang Baoqiang along with four to five other people attacked her this morning.  She claims they violently hit her head, throat, and neck.  They pulled her hands and tore her mouth.  Ma Rong’s mother was allegedly also a victim of their attacks.  She was also sent to the hospital for her injuries.  

According to their custody agreement, their son and daughter are allowed to stay over one night at Ma Rong’s home each weekend.  Ma Rong claims Wang Baoqiang didn’t get her consent to bring their kids out.  When Ma Rong went to pick up the children yesterday, the two had an argument.  She called the police, they diffused the situation and left.  However, early in the morning, Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong fought again leading Ma Rong to call the police once again claiming “Wang Baoqiang threatened to kill me.”  The police arrived at the scene once again.  

It is reported, even with the police present, Wang Baoqiang along with four to five of his cohorts were attacking Ma Rong.  The police were trying to hold them off from the living room to the bedroom, but still couldn’t hold him back.  According to Ma Rong, Wang Baoqiang initiated the attack while the others were on top of her, punching her.  

Credit: Apple Daily, Weibo 

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