Jeannie Chan is Afraid of Dating Second Generation Wealthy Heirs Now

Jeannie Chan is Afraid of Dating Second Generation Wealthy Heirs Now

Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) has been steadily promoted by TVB to lead actress in the recent years. She recently returned to Hong Kong from a 3 month stay in Canada to escape the outbreak. She came back because she is starting work on the new TVB series, “Seven Princesses” (lit. 七公主). In a phone interview, she said she has never spent so much time with her family in the past 10 years and felt happy spending time with her grandmother and her new nephew.

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Known for being a workaholic and approaching her 30s, Jeannie Chan said her family hasn’t rushed her to get married. However she did say, “The pandemic has changed my mind. In the past, I only cared about work and never thought about getting married. Now I think the time is about right. It’s not because of a person who made me think I’m ready. It’s because of the outbreak that made me reflect on what is the most important in life.”

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In the past, Jeannie Chan was in a relationship with Macau billionaire Stanley Ho’s (何鴻燊) son, Arnaldo Ho (何猷亨). The relationship was closely followed by the media due to the prominence of the Ho family in Hong Kong and Macau. Since then she has been rumored with Alex Fong (方力申) and Carlos Chan (陳家樂), which she has denied. When asked if she would consider dating second generation wealthy heirs again, she responded: “I really received a lot of attacks from that relationship. Real talk, I have some phobias [from that relationship]. I am really afraid now.”

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However, Jeannie Chan was spotting sitting in Arnaldo Ho’s car earlier this year. Jeannie Chan clarified, “Actually I am still very good friends with my ex-boyfriends. We would have a meal and see each other.” Jeannie Chan also states she is single at the moment and laments over having few opportunities to meet new people. She did say an astrologer had predicted she had the best chances of getting married in two to three years.

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