Jolin Tsai and SEVENTEEN’s The8, Joining “Idol Producer 2” as Dance Mentors

Jolin Tsai and SEVENTEEN's The8, Joining Idol Producer 2 as Dance Mentors

Chinese reality show, “Idol Producer 2” is currently filming and will air it’s first episode on January 18, 2019. Today, the “Idol Producer 2” (青春有你) Official Weibo account announced Taiwanese pop diva, Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), and Chinese member, The8 (Real name: Xu Minghao 徐明浩) of K-Pop group, SEVENTEEN, are joining the show as dance mentors.

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Here is Jolin Tsai’s intro video:

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Here is The8′ intro video:

The 100 contestants have already done their introductions and asked fans to start voting. Earlier, it was reported Casper, former member from K-Pop group, Cross Gene, Li Wenhan of K-Pop group, UNIQ, and Yao Ming Ming from MIXNINE, were joining the second season as trainees. There are also two Taiwanese artists joining the show, Kurt Huang (黃宏軒) and Li Chung Lin (李宗霖).

Kurt Huang

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Li Chung Lin

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Credit:, iQiyi, Idol Producer Weibo

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