NINE PERCENT Rumored to be Disbanding Ahead of Schedule

Nine Percent Rumored to be Disbanding Ahead of Schedule

Chinese idol group, Nine Percent, debuted last April through season one of the survival reality competition, “Idol Producer.” iQiyi announced they were preparing season two of the show to debut later this month. This angered many fans as they felt Nine Percent were being neglected and not promoted properly. With season two of the show about to air soon, there are now rumors circulating among netizens that Nine Percent will be disbanding sooner than expected.

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According to some netizens, Nine Percent’s dormitory in Beijing is vacant. It is said the lease was only signed for half a year. This netizen used the order in which the members were ranked to talk about their current status:

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2 (Chen Linong- 陳立農) had previously moved six boxes back to Taiwan. He was shopping at IKEA with his grandma in Beijing. He is getting ready to find another place to start his Beijing lifestyle.

3 (Fan Chengcheng – 范丞丞) returned to his parents place to live.

6 (Zhu Zhengting – 朱正廷) and his sister are also in Beijing.

5 (Lin Yanjun – 林彥俊) and 8 (Wang Linkai – 王琳凱) when they were on “Language of Flowers” (小姐姐的花店), they left from their own homes, not the dorms.

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Based on the group no longer having a dorm, no group variety show, fans are assuming they are disbanding and won’t have anymore interactions in the future. Once news of the group’s dorm no longer being rented went viral, many netizens reacted, “They are going solo already?” to “They are not filming a variety show, so there really is no need to rent the dorm anymore.”

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After Nine Percent debuted, it was said they would only be promoting as a group for a year and a half. There was even news of them having a variety show called, “Nine Percent” (百分九少年). However, iQiyi still hasn’t set an air date for the show, making many fans waiting painfully.

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This could simply be a publicity campaign to create more buzz for the upcoming season two of the show.

Credit:, Nine Percent Weibo