Cai Xukun Being Sued by Former Management Company Again

Cai Xukun Being Sued by Former Management Company Again

Chinese idol, Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤), of Nine Percent and “Idol Producer” (偶像练习生) fame, has some more legal troubles as his former management company is suing him again for not honoring the terms of their prior contract and circumventing the company to accept jobs on his own. It has been reported Cai Xukun’s former management company is suing the Chinese idol, his work studio, and one of his sponsors, a bank, for “unfair competition.”

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The former management company claims they signed an exclusive entertainment and management contract with Cai Xukun in 2015 that would give them the sole responsibility of overseeing his entire entertainment career. The contract was supposed to last until April 2023. The former management company is asking Cai Xukun’s side to cease their alleged “unfair competition tactics” and is seeking 5 million RMB in damages.

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This new lawsuit comes after a judge sided with Cai Xukun when he sued his former management company to terminate their contract in 2017. The management company was asking for 50 million RMB in penalties for breach of contract. In mid-February, the case finally reached a verdict when a judge ruled the contract was unlawful. The contract was terminated without Cai Xukun having to pay the 50 million RMB fee. In addition, the judge overruled the former management company from appealing further on this case.

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