Over 500 Fans Greet Lai Kuanlin Upon His Return “Home”

Over 500 Fans Greet Lai Kuan Lin Upon His Return "Home"

Taiwanese member, Lai Kuanlin (賴冠霖), of K-Pop group, Wanna One, is doing just fine after the group officially disbanded on December 31 of last year. The 17 year old Taiwanese native opened his Instagram account a few days ago and already has over 700,000 followers. He opened his official Weibo account today, which has already amassed over 800,000 followers. He flew from South Korea to Beijing yesterday for a solo event. His fans already got wind of his arrival and decided to greet him at the airport. Based on fan accounts, there were at least 500 fans there. Lai Kuanlin had at least 20 crew members and bodyguards protecting him.

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Even though the bodyguards and crew members had already formed a ring around Lai Kuanlin to prevent the fans from getting too close, a few of them rushed up to him to take pictures. It was said the scene was chaotic. A fan was also live streaming the entire event and once Lai Kuanlin appeared, there were at least 195,000 people tuned in to get a glimpse of their idol. At one point, fans were chanting, “Lai Kuanlin, welcome back to your country.”

He also served as a one day writer for Sina Weibo and interacted with fans through live streaming. One fan asked how his apartment hunting plans were going. Lai Kuanlin replied, “I’m trying right now. I’ll do my best.” Another fan asked when he would be treating her to a meal to which he replied, “Come and find me.”

Watch Lai Kuanlin’s first post on Weibo, which is a video of him introducing himself and asking fans to interact with him on Weibo: 赖冠霖_LAIKUANLIN的秒拍视频

Credit: ETtoday.net, Apple Daily, hk.on.cc, Lai Kuanlin Weibo