Two Members Rumored to be Leaving “Keep Running”

Chinese Version Keep Running Angelababy Wong Cho Lam Luhan Deng Chao

The Chinese version of South Korean variety show, “Running Man,” aptly called “Keep Running” (奔跑吧) is about to start filming its seventh season.  With each season, there are always rumors of member changes.  The latest rumors indicate two members will be leaving the show in the upcoming season, while one new member will be added to the team.  The two members rumored to be leaving next season is Luhan (鹿晗) and Li Chen (李晨).  It is speculated Li Chen is leaving the show due to Fan Bingbing’s (范冰冰) scandal as he has been laying low for the past few months.  

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Rumors started circulating two months ago that a rising celebrity was going to be added to the show.  It has been rumored the Taiwanese national, Lai Kuanlin (賴冠霖) of K-Pop group, Wanna One, would be a suitable candidate to replace Luhan.  His contract with Wanna One is expiring soon and is set to appear in the Chinese remake of popular Thai film, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” starring Mario Maurer and Balfern.  It seems Lai Kuanlin might be focusing his career on the Chinese market once his contract with Wanna One is up.

Credit:, Keep Running Weibo

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