Lai Kuanlin and Xu Kai Get Up Close and Personal on “Happy Camp”

Lai Kuan Lin and Xu Kai Get Up Close and Personal on "Happy Camp"

Taiwanese idol, Lai Kuanlin (賴冠霖), and Chinese actor, Xu Kai (許凱), are guests on this week’s episode of “Happy Camp.” While Xu Kai (b. 1995) is six years older than Lai Kuanlin (b. 2001), the two look about the same age. The first half of the episode, the guests are in traditional Chinese costumes playing games. It gets interesting in the latter half of the show when all the guests are separated into two teams. Xu Kai is cued to dance by a female guest and he gets flustered saying, “I don’t know how to dance!” He starts awkwardly jumping up and down and hilarity ensues with the rest of the guests. After the episode aired, Xu Kai posted this message on Weibo, “You guys promised me I would be cut out from the dancing segment.” He did say in a separate interview that he wants to start learning how to dance and sing.

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Lai Kuan Lin and Xu Kai Get Up Close and Personal on "Happy Camp"

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Xu Kai’s attempt at dancing starts at 44:35:

Xu Kai and Lai Kuanlin are the first pair to go against each other in the game segment. Each member has to hang onto two metal rings and try to get the other person to fall off. It was quite a lot of eye candy for fans and many found it difficult to root for just one idol. The end was near when Xu Kai wrapped his legs around Lai Kuanlin. While Lai Kuanlin put up a hard fight, in the end, the older Xu Kai, beat out Lai Kuanlin. However, fans got a lot of fanfic and wallpaper material when Lai Kuanlin hung onto Xu Kai’s legs when he was falling down.

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Credit:, Xu Kai Weibo (1, 2), Lai Kuanlin Weibo, Hunan TV Youtube