Lai Kuanlin Issues “One Last Warning” to Those Trying to Hurt His Loved Ones

Lai Kuanlin Issues "One Last Warning" to Those Trying to Hurt His Loved Ones Weibo

Lai Kuanlin (賴冠霖) was plastered all over the headlines on July 20 when Korean news media outlet, SPOTV, first reported he had filed a motion to terminate his contract with his management company, CUBE Entertainment. This is now a full fledged lawsuit and seems to have started to get ugly as Lai Kuanlin posted on three IG stories today with the first and last one saying, “Warned” and “One last warning” respectively. The second story was in Korean which translates to: “If you still mess with my fans, my staff, my family, my people, I won’t kindly let it go.”

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Since the news got out, Lai Kuanlin’s lawyer had alleged CUBE Entertainment sold the rights to his Chinese activities to a third party in 2018 without Lai Kuanlin’s knowledge or approval. It’s reported Lai Kuanlin’s father only knew about this in April of this year. There were also allegations that the Korean side’s management of his activities had conflicted with the Chinese activities, which caused some issues to arise while Lai Kuanlin was filming a Chinese variety show. It’s said this has led to some bad blood between Lai Kuanlin and Hunan Television.

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In June, Lai Kuanlin went to CUBE to raise his suspicions about the terms of their contract. CUBE denied there were violations in the contract by showing him their contract with official stamps on it. Lai Kuanlin claims he had never put any official stamps on the contract and nor had he allowed CUBE to place any official stamps in his name. Part of the lawsuit alleges CUBE Entertainment had forged consent documents, resulting in Lai Kuanlin no longer being able to trust the company and his motion to terminate his contract.

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Lai Kuanlin’s lawyer expressed the idol had wished to amicably and privately deal with the contract issues with CUBE, but they rejected their request with the response, “There are no contract violations.” This got to the news and has become a full fledged lawsuit. His lawyer also denied CUBE’s claims that, “Lai Kuanlin is only terminating the contract because he wants to independently manage his activities.” Lai Kuanlin’s lawyer said he wanted to take this chance to clear the air with his fans and the public about the real situation.

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