Lai Kuanlin Claps Back at Anti-fan Attacking Him in Dance Video with R1SE’s Yao Chen

Lai Kuanlin Claps Back at Anti-fan Attacking Him in Dance Video with R1SE's Yao Chen

Lai Kuanlin (賴冠霖) has been keeping himself busy with the pause on work activities during the COVID-19 outbreak. A few days ago, R1SE member, Yao Chen (姚琛), had uploaded a video of a dance practice with Lai Kuanlin dancing to “fast” by Sueco the Child. First off, who knew they knew each other?! Secondly, everyone was so immersed into the video because they were dancing shirtless.

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Shirtless version:

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Shirt version:

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However, a certain netizen seemed to be bothered by Lai Kuanlin’s performance in the video. She/he uploaded comparison pictures between Lai Kuanlin and Yao Chen with the caption: “Let’s compare. Where does Lai Kuanlin get the confidence to dance next to Yao Chen? One piece of crappy meat vs. eight pack of abs.” Unexpectedly, Lai Kuanlin saw this person’s post and actually clapped back with his own comment, saying, “If you have guts, take it off. I’ll take a look.”

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Lai Kuanlin telling the poster to show his/her body

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Netizens took notice of the exchange and quickly left comments supporting Lai Kuanlin. They said, “Anti-fans deserve it. Support Lai Kuanlin.”, “I just like such a strong Lai Kuanlin. Hope gege won’t be so courteous to anti-fans anymore.”, “This person’s words are so harsh. He/she should be yelled at.”

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Lai Kuanlin is definitely not an idol you want to mess with. He is known for being outspoken on previous occasions, especially when it came to fans and public safety. Netizens should just enjoy the dance videos.

Credit: ETtoday, Weibo (1, 2, 3)

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  1. Isn’t the lawsuit already finalised since November? Kuanlin is to remain with cube, and recently posted picture with seems to cube producers.

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