Lai Kuanlin Apologizes for Smoking and Spitting in Public

Lai Kuanlin Apologizes for Smoking and Spitting in Public

Lai Kuanlin (賴冠霖) was trending on November 24 when a video was released of him smoking and spitting in public. While Lai Kuanlin is of legal age to smoke, he caught flack from netizens for not maintaining his idol image. Most netizens felt since Lai Kuanlin is of legal age and wasn’t smoking indoors, which is illegal in some provinces in China, that it wasn’t such a big deal. What got netizens riled up was him spitting in the streets, which they deemed was uncivilized behavior.

Video of Lai Kuanlin smoking and spitting:

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Due to the backlash, Lai Kuanlin apologized for his behavior. He said, “Very sorry. As a public figure, I wasn’t able to restrain my behavior and demonstrated the wrong behavior. I will accept everyone’s criticisms of me and take it as a warning and won’t do it again.”

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Netizens left very scathing comments in his apology post. The top comment was, “Go sweep the streets.” Other top comments include: “Can you wake up? Go wake up early and sweep the streets. I think you need the morning wind to wake you up.”, “Go do volunteer work, understand?”, “Go apply for community service. Take responsibility for your own actions.”

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5 thoughts on “Lai Kuanlin Apologizes for Smoking and Spitting in Public

  1. He took responsibility for his deeds i think thats enough.yeah,everyone does it but not everyone is able to take responsibility for their actions.and also if everyone is like “so what?everybody does it whats the big deal” than this world of ours would never be a better place.

  2. I don’t understand this thinking. I realize he can be someone’s idol but there is not a single human being in this world who can stand on a pedestal. Humans are imperfect. That said, can’t we just enjoy the work he puts out? He is in entertainment to bring shows and music. We have no right to his private life. Now, if he is doing something illegal, that’s a law enforcement issue. Am I wrong in thinking that?

  3. Lol what’s wrong with people! They call themselves as a “so-called fan” and as soon as there is a controversy about the celeb, they will be the first ones to back fire at ’em!! Instead of supporting them during their hardships.
    And I would also like to say that what’s so wrong about smoking and spitting?! Most of ’em do!! And most probably the ones who commented sh*ts about lai Guan, they are also most likely to smoke or spit!! Be rational people! Don’t be so narrow-minded!! (No offence but facts count!)

  4. Don’t people smoke and spit on the ground all the time though?? If that weren’t true, most of our streets would be spotless.

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