Lai Kuanlin Files Motion to Terminate His Contract with CUBE Entertainment

Lai Kuanlin Files Motion to Terminate His Contract with CUBE Entertainment

Taiwanese born idol, Lai Kuanlin (賴冠霖), who debuted as part of the now disbanded K-Pop group, Wanna One, has filed a motion to terminate his contract with his management company, CUBE Entertainment. According to Korean news outlet, SPOTV, they reported this was one sided from Lai Kuanlin’s camp and that he hopes to develop his career independently. Representatives from CUBE Entertainment have already confirmed they received the notice from Lai Kuanlin’s’s motion to terminate their contract. They will issue an official statement after reviewing the documents.

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Lai Kuanlin has been busy promoting between China and Korea ever since Wanna One’s disbandment. He has been busy filming dramas, endorsing products, and going on variety shows. He recently wrapped up the Chinese series, “A Little Thing Called First Love” (初戀那件小事), which is a remake of the Thai movie, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” He was also part of a project group, “WOOSEOK X KUANLIN”, with his fellow CUBE label mate and member of K-Pop group, Pentagon, Wooseok.”

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This might not have been completely unexpected as Lai Kuanlin had been posting a lot of weird and cryptic IG stories. He will be the second member of Wanna One to terminate their contracts with their management company after the group disbanded. Wanna One’s center, Kang Daniel, recently won his lawsuit against his former management company and officially debuted as a solo artist under his newly formed company, “Konnect Entertainment.”

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Majority of Chinese fans on Weibo have supported Lai Kuanlin’s move saying: “Lai Kuanlin has already been benevolent to CUBE Entertainment. How much money do they invest in him and how much money does he make for them? How the company treats him and how does he treat the company and the staff. We just need to believe in him. He has never let his fans down.”, “Wherever Lai Kuanlin goes, I go with him.”, “He didn’t even debut with a new group, but the company earns all the profits. What reason is there not to leave?”

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UPDATE: Sina Entertainment had an exclusive interview with Lai Kuanlin’s father regarding his son’s contract situation. He responded: “According to my knowledge, Kuanlin does have some issues he is currently sorting out with CUBE. We are deeply grateful to CUBE for taking a chance on Kuanlin. It’s just that during our collaboration, there were a lot of situations, including matters of principle, that have affected my child’s health. As a father, I generally want my child to be working in a safe environment. The specific contractual issues are being sorted out right now. Thank you everyone for your concerns.”

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CUBE Entertainment also responded to the matter expressing they have not violated the terms of their contract. They claim they have used their best efforts to invest in Lai Kuanlin for him to be loved by the public and develop further. CUBE Entertainment also says Lai Kuanlin’s terms for terminating their contract are groundless and will be treating the matter with legal action.

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