Xu Kai Checks on Fan After She Gets Hit by Basketball

Xu Kai Checks on Fan After She Gets Hit by Basketball

Chinese actor, Xu Kai (許凱), is known for three things: his love for food, basketball, and his warm treatment to his fans. Because he’s often filming a costume drama in Hengdian, he spends a lot of his down time playing basketball. In a recent basketball game, there were a bunch of his fans who went to see him in action. However, Xu Kai got worried when a fan got hit in the eye by a basketball. Xu Kai quickly went up to the fan and checked up on her eye.

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In a video clip, Xu Kai is seen going over to the fan and says, “Let me see, let me see.” as the girl is squinting her eyes. However, his fans didn’t want to bother him and his time, said, “No need, no need.” Xu Kai was insistent in checking up on her up close. He starts to tell the fan to be cautious of certain things, but she gets nervous and says, “Don’t scare me, I can’t see anything.” Xu Kai is seen looking very worried so he calls someone over, asking if there are any clinics or hospitals around. When they confirm of a location, Xu Kai tells his manager or assistant to take the fan to the hospital to get her injury treated.

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Once the clip of him showing concern for the fan, netizens and fans were touched by his warm gesture. They left comments such as “I can feel he is very kind and warm.”, “I am very envious, “Makes me want to get hit by a basketball too.”

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Watch Xu Kai tending to the fan: http://t.cn/AiN1yCSD?m=4384996364336216&u=6204478105

Watch Xu Kai getting medical attention for the fan: http://t.cn/AiNQphBk?m=4384699499406605&u=5216783875

Credit: ETtoday.net, Weibo (1, 2), Xu Kai IG

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