Xu Kai Pleads with Fans to Stop Disturbing Him at Night

Xu Kai Pleads with Fans to Stop Disturbing Him at Night

Rising Chinese actor, Xu Kai (許凱), became an overnight sensation after the success of last year’s hit drama, “Story of Yanxi Palace” (延禧攻略). With the popularity of the drama, Xu Kai gained a huge fan base. However, it seems some of his rabid fans are getting out of control as Xu Kai complained about the behavior of a few fans in a now deleted post on Weibo.

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On February 19th, Xu Kai posted the following: “I don’t know which fans did it, but don’t knock on my door or order delivery for me anymore. Let us respect each other, okay?” It seems some of these fans were knocking on his door in the middle of the night. Out of frustration, Xu Kai plead with his fans to stop disturbing him, especially in his private time.

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Xu Kai has since deleted the post, but many of his fans came to defend their idol. Some of his fans were also questioning how the rabid fans got a hold of Xu Kai’s address and condemned them for invading his privacy.

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