Johnny Huang Jingyu Pranked in Hidden Camera Show

Johnny Huang Jingyu Pranked in Hidden Camera Show

Chinese actors, Johnny Huang Jingyu (黃景瑜), is the latest target in the Chinese hidden camera reality show, “Hello! Stranger” (你好! 陌生人). In this particular episode, the show arranged for a crew member to carry a big and heavy television and pass by Johnny Huang Jingyu at his film set to see if he would lend a hand. Johnny Huang Jingyu saw the crew member twice, but chose to ignore it. His co-star, Zhong Chuxi (鍾楚曦), who was also present at the film set, approached the crew member and provided help.

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From the clip, Johnny Huang Jingyu is the first one to notice the crew member. However, he doesn’t do anything. Zhong Chuxi, who was behind Johnny Huang Jingyu, asks the guy if he needs help. Then Zhong Chuxi’s assistant comes from behind and offers to help the crew member lift the television. The show runners were not satisfied with the outcome and arranged for the crew member to pass by Johnny Huang Jingyu again. This time they arranged for the guy to drop the television in front of Johnny Huang Jingyu, but he doesn’t take action. Instead, his assistant or a crew member rushes to help the guy.

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Watch the clip here:

Once the show aired, fans from Johnny Huang Jingyu and Zhong Chuxi got into a fighting match. Johnny Huang Jingyu’s fans felt the segment was Zhong Chuxi’s way of promoting herself by putting down others to leverage her image. Zhong Chuxi’s fans retaliated saying the actress doesn’t need to use these methods to for publicity. Since the fighting started, Zhong Chuxi posted on Weibo seemingly talking about how she felt helpless at the accusations thrown at her.

Credit:, Weibo, Johnny Huang Jingyu Weibo

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  1. Ireally cant beleive that Johny huang is such a bad guy..Also i didnt know that he made a bl romance..I cant say that i like it seeing him playing the gay..I think this person neeeds treatment and to be more kind to other people.

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