Jessica Hsuan Reveals “A Step into the Past” Movie Remake Will Start Filming in March

Jessica Hsuan Louis Koo Raymond Lam One Cool 2019 New Year's Dinner

Louis Koo (古天樂) has been teasing the movie remake of the popular TVB time traveling series, “A Step into the Past” (尋秦記), for some time now. It was reported Louis Koo wanted to get all the original actors for the remake. Jessica Hsuan and Raymond Lam, who were all in the original series with Louis Koo, are now signed under his company and have expressed willingness to be in the remake. It seems like the remake is happening as Jessica Hsuan recently revealed the movie will start filming in March.

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Jessica Hsuan reveals, “The remake was planned for some time now. The plans kept changing. A lot of the actors were involved in the script writing and gave their comments. Because Louis is the boss, the pressure is on him. I have no pressure at all. The movie will start filming at the end of March. There will be some slight changes to the script.” When asked if the movie will continue the storyline from the series, Jessica Hsuan says, “Koo Boss won’t allow us to reveal it!”

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Jessica Hsuan also revealed she still meets up with the cast from the 1995 TVB series, “Happy Harmony” (餐餐有宋家) for dinner sometimes. When she shares pictures of the cast members from the reunion dinners, fans will also share pictures from back then with her, bringing back many fond memories.

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