“A Little Thing Called First Love” Wraps Up Filming

"A Little Thing Called First Love" Wraps Up Filming

The Chinese series remake, “A Little Thing Called First Love” (初戀那件小事) of Thai movie, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, starring Lai Kuanlin (賴冠霖) and Zhaojin Mai (趙今麥), officially wrapped up filming today. Filming lasted for 96 days as it started filming on February 1st. Lai Kuanlin bid farewell to the cast and crew and uploaded pictures of the wrap party on his Weibo account.

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In his post, Lai Kuanlin says, “Thank you, grateful, sleepy, goodbye, we will meet again someday!” Lai Kuanlin stars as “Liang Younian” while Zhao Jinmai stars as “Xia Maomao” (夏淼淼). It seems the series will air during the summer as the crew members accompanied the following caption with the wrap party pictures: “This summer, “A Little Thing Called First Love” will bring you back to the lovely memories from the schoolyard.”

Credit: ETtoday.net, Weibo (1, 2)

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