Zhu Zhengting’s Mother is Pressuring Him for Grandchildren

Zhu Zhengting's Mother Pressuring Him for Grandchildren

Chinese idol, Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷), is quite busy as he is a member of Nine Percent and the leader of NEX7, both are Chinese boy bands. The 22 year old initially joined the second season of Korean survival competition, “Produce 101” in 2017. After getting eliminated, he joined season one of “Idol Producer,” which is regarded as the Chinese version of “Produce 101” and shot to immediate stardom. In a recent interview with NEX7, Zhu Zhengting revealed he was stressed about his mother pressuring him to have children!

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Zhu Zhengting shyly says, “My mom wants grandchildren. We’ve talked about this quite a few times before. I tell her it’s still too early, at least another ten years from now.” Zhu Zhengting then mistakenly says, “I think men need to have a family first.”, eliciting “ooh” responses from his members. He quickly corrects himself and says, “I mean men need to first have a career then start a family.” His members make fun of him and says, “Son, you’ve grown up.” Zhu Zhengting, still embarrassed, tells them to quiet down and seriously explains his thought process.

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Zhu Zhengting's Mother Pressuring Him for Grandchildren

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He continues on saying, “I think men have to be capable of providing for their family. If he can’t provide for his children and his woman, he shouldn’t get married or consider it at all. Right now, I can’t even support myself so how can I even think about falling in love, getting married, or raising children. So I think all of this is still too early to consider.”

Watch the interview here: http://t.cn/EyonZEE

Credit: hk.on.cc, Zhu Zhengting Weibo

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  1. Sorry but Zhengting, you should not let your mum tell you what you should do. Your thought process is good. This is a great time to establish your career and you are doing a great job so far. Jiayou. You can do it.

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