Justin Huang Minghao Tells Fans to Keep Their Distance

Nine Percent’s Justin is Going to be a Big Brother

It must be the summer vacation as the stalker fans are out in full force chasing their idols. Another Chinese celebrity has vented about fans overstepping their boundaries. This time, it’s Nine Percent’s and NEX7’s Justin Huang Minghao (黄明昊) who has something to say about his stalker sasaeng fans. Justin vented on Instagram today saying: “Distance creates beauty. Never mind squatting at the hotel. Don’t come up to my room and stay at the door.”

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NINE PERCENT’s Justin is Going to be a Big Brother

While Justin doesn’t address it to anyone, it’s clear he’s referring to sasaengs based on their behavior. This isn’t the first time Justin has plead with his “fans” to keep their distance. During the Lunar New Year, Justin went on a mini vacation with his family. He also posted on Instagram about fans following him at the airport, but he was more upbeat about it.

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Back in February, he posted: “Arrived! The plane was actually delayed! But we finally got here! Although there were a lot of nana’s (what his fans are called) waiting for me, but the nana’s that came don’t have to worry. I am not mad. The important thing is there was no assistant gege (older brother) accompanying me at the airport. So it is too dangerous. You guys were really good, so I am not mad. However, wherever we encounter each other, let it not be at the hotel!!! Really give me a mini vacation. I love you guys! (If you come to the hotel, I will really be mad).”

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It’s a vast difference in the tone between the two messages, which is only a span of 5 months or so. It’s also a mystery as to why he only posted this on Instagram.

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Chinese actor, Xu Kai (许凯), also experienced something similar with fans knocking at his hotel room at night and ordering delivery to his room. He also made a post on Weibo telling them to stop their behavior, but he deleted the post afterwards. Perhaps, this is an outlet for them to vent their frustrations.

Credit: Justin Huang Minghao IG (1, 2), Justin Huang Minghao Weibo