Justin Huang Minghao Gets into Confrontation with Sasaeng Fans while Filming “Not A Loner”

Justin Huang Minghao Gets into Confrontation with Sasaeng Fans while Filming "Not A Loner"

In the first preview for Youku’s new show, “Not A Loner” (看我的生活), it showed Justin Huang Minghao (黄明昊) telling fans to stop chasing after his car and him running away from sasaeng fans. He expressed that he had to stay with friends because sasaeng fans kept stalking him. In a trailer for the upcoming episode, Justin Huang is seen confronting his sasaeng fans as they were following him everywhere while filming for the show.

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Justin Huang starts off by telling them he is filming “Not A Loner”, which documents his lifestyle, but he says, “I can’t live with you guys constantly following me.” One of the sasaeng fans responded to him, “It’s not like we’re hindering you.” Another one had the audacity to speak to Justin Huang’s manager, saying, “You already don’t let us follow your car. It’s not just once or twice.” The manager tries to reason with them and say that they are doing this for their own good, but the fans strike back at the manager saying, “Others let us film. It’s just you who doesn’t allow us to film.”

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Justin Huang continues to reason with them that they have started to impact the people in his neighborhood and their work. A security guard then comes over to diffuse the situation and tells them to disperse. Justin Huang is then seen telling them, “The crew has a lot of material on you. I want to protect you guys, but you guys need to respect my work.” Afterwards, the cameraman had spotted substitute photographers who follow around celebrities for the sake of taking their pictures and selling them to fans. He told one of them to put down their cameras. That person rushes over to the camera person and knocks down the camera. He starts to say things like, “Stop filming me. Put it down. If you have the guts, put this on Weibo.”

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Filming is interrupted and Justin Huang leaves the scene asking if the show can still continue filming. In the background interview, he expressed, “Compared to being mad, I’m more disappointed. Why don’t you even listen to my words? Do you really like me?”

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Watch clip here: https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J4jCraJdP?fid=1034:4510286493974542

After the episode aired, Yuehua Entertainment issued a statement condemning the actions of those particular fans who were interrupting the filming of “Not A Loner”. They also urged all fans to stop all types of sasaeng fan behavior such as following cars, sneaking pictures, squatting around, etc.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)

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