Fans Oppose to Justin Huang Minghao’s Collaboration Track with Aria Jin to be Included in His Debut Solo Album

Fans Oppose to Justin Huang Minghao's Collaboration Track with Aria Jin to be Included in His Debut Solo Album

NEXT member, Justin Huang Minghao’s (黄明昊) debut solo album titled “18” is about to be released soon. On October 16, the preview was released for his song, “Walking On The Moon” (月球漫步), which features fellow Yuehua Entertainment artist, Aria Jin (金子涵). When the cover art and preview were released, many of Justin Huang’s fans left comments opposing him having any featured artists on his debut album. They also felt Justin Huang was being used to help promote other artists from his label. One of the complaints about the cover art was Justin Huang’s name not being visible enough to represent he is the main singer.

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Covert art for single, “Walking On The Moon”, featuring Aria Jin

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Due to the backlash, Justin Huang addressed the comments, saying, “First off, in the album, “18”, the company didn’t limit me or force me to do anything. I also did my best and worked hard to finish this album. Secondly, finding a good feature singer is not easy. They need to be suitable for the song and it also requires time. It’s really hard to find a collaborative partner like this. I think Aria Jin is really suitable and the end result is really good.”

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Justin Huang’s cover for his debut album “18”

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Justin Huang also explains why he decided to speak out, saying, “The reason why I stood up is because I don’t want the friends who help me to be misunderstood. This is the first album at 18 and in my life. There will also be a concert coming up soon.” He also responded in the comments saying, “Everything came from my own ideas. I don’t want everyone to hate my own songs that I think sound good and that I am looking forward to.”, “What I think the mutual respect from each other is everyone supporting me and treating me well and I work hard to give everyone even better things. No matter if they are good songs or good shows, giving everyone happiness is what I want. For these things, I work each day and only rest 2-3 days a month. This is the reward I want to give back to everyone. Everyone is also very supportive of me and I am also very grateful and touched. Thank you.”

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Unfortunately, this didn’t quell the fans. Justin Huang’s fan bar, “JustinBar”, wrote a statement to Yuehua Entertainment representing 24 of his fan clubs and fan sites. They stated, “Reject his debut solo album to contain collaboration songs with the artist from the same company, reject the same company artist to appear in his debut solo concert.”

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The statement also said the fans have been waiting for his first debut album since he became an adult. They said, “The already recorded collaboration songs can be released as a separate single. Fans will not interfere with that. We reject the first collaboration song to be included in the album, “18”. They also want to be informed about Justin Huang’s album performances as early as possible as they’ve been looking forward to this for a long time and said it was their right as consumers.

In conclusion, they said these problems weren’t resolved, the fans would suspend cooperation with future commercial activities and album promotions.” It seems they won part of the battle as “JustinBar” announced shortly afterwards that they had already confirmed Justin Huang’s first solo concert will not contain any collaboration songs in the playlist.

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3 thoughts on “Fans Oppose to Justin Huang Minghao’s Collaboration Track with Aria Jin to be Included in His Debut Solo Album

  1. Ni hao. Support Justin huang. As what he said, it is not easy to find a person who can suit to the song. Why would you oppose to such nice idea??

  2. I am not Chinese neither I knew Justin since last September but we cannot make judgements as we don’t know what is happening inside… Maybe he wanted to collab with an artist or maybe someone forced him to… All we can do for him is pray that he will be successful in everything he does…🌷🌷

  3. I’m confused. As a fan shouldn’t you support your idol/star no matter what? They worked so hard to give you an album they are proud of and you are condemning their hard work. Does it matter who they collaborate with if the song is good?

    What you are doing is hurting Justin and what he represent. It could hurt his future too. Reconsider what you are doing if you are a fan.


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